Saudi Arabia: Why American Bedu Stopped the Monthly Saudi Quizzes

Readers who have thoroughly checked out each page on my blog probably saw that there was a period of time when I was diligent on preparing a monthly Saudi trivia quiz to help enhance ones fun and knowledge of Saudi Arabia.  I would generally compile multiple choice questions which were also based on the previous month of blog posts.

Sadly, the platform which I had utilized to post the quizzes ultimately decided to charge for its services.  That did not sit well with me as I believed my contributions brought more traffic to the site rather than have to pay for residence.  However, I feel like it was a good two year run of quizzes for enjoyment.

I may try to bring some rendition of the monthly Saudi fun quiz back but have not determined just what kind of format or platform I’ll use.  Towards helping me make this decision, what is YOUR input?  Did you enjoy the quizzes?  Do you miss them?  Did they add to the American Bedu blogging experience?



2 Responses

  1. You could still do the quiz with the answers being given on a later post perhaps?

  2. it is something to think about.

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