Saudi Arabia/World: Remember Your Heritage

Regardless of who we are or where we are from, we have a heritage, history and examplar to set.  I think these rules especially apply to the global expatriate.  How we represent ourselves is also reflective of what others who may not know much about our country of origin come away with as typical of someone from a particular place, tribe or ethnicity.

With the millions of expatriates who come to Saudi Arabia for opportunities, this presents a melting pot of differing people, cultures, customs, traditions and heritages.  These expatriates are the informal ambassador s of their home countries.  How they conduct themselves and treat others is also how they and their country will be perceived.

I learned the lessons early on that I was both myself but also a role model and representative of America.  I was watched and judged as an American, a wife, a Saudi wife and as someone who was not born Saudi.  I tried hard to follow the adage treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.  Do good deeds.  Do not take advantage of others and want to learn and help.  I was always happy to share what I did know and keep my mind open to learn more and change or adapt when it was necessary.

These are simply lessons of life that apply the world over.  I pray that most of us had these life foundation lessons instilled at birth.  Regardless, where there is a will and determination, we can all change if the desire to do so is inside and sincere.

I am writing these words due to the recent and blatant rape and pillar aging of the American Bedu blog content and of content from other well known Saudi bloggers and writers.  A grievous mistake was made but sadly without a sincere attempt at remorse or restitution once this infraction was discovered.  Yes; it does speak badly of manners, honor, integrity, trust, ethics and morals.  Instead of a remorseful apology with an action plan to correct this vast oversight, the immature blogger simply wants an inclusive ‘mea culpa’ and move on.  No…. we do not learn from mistakes without corrective actions.  I have asked her to contact Saudi media with acknowledgement and apology of what she has done…to start.  Her actions should end with the total closure of her blog which is far too polluted with cut and pastes from numerous bloggers and articles to be salvaged.  She simply needs to redo her blog from scratch – new blogging platform, new name.  Instead she wants the (negative) attention and notoriety that her actions have brought her.

Allegedly she holds a responsible position in the expatriate community as a pharmacist at King Faisal Specialist Hospital.  In addition to her day-to-day duties she has also written for King Faisal’s own publication.  Hmmm…wonder if she is aware that I have many contributions in that same publication?  The staff better watch the words and articles carefully…I had about a 6 year head start on her!

Her lack of scruples concern me not only against copyright violations but what kind of short cuts might she be taking in her professional activities?  She is proud of her family and claims her family are writers, speakers and stand up for justice but then her own actions circumvent those values.  Is this an appropriate representative for a high profile position in the Kingdom?  What scrutiny has the Ministry of Information or Ministry of Health placed on her actions and activities?

Now…to the personal.  I’m a fighter and actually take pleasure in obtaining objectives with diversity. In this venue, I’m talking about my cancer.  When I feel m worse that is when I attempt to write my best and share content with American Bedu readers.  It is part of my motivation and drive.  We are not holding back any secrets when I talk about my battle and the present state of my cancer (Stage IV, incurable, inoperable….but able to somewhat control and fight!)  This blogger is taking away my blood, sweat and toil.  I don’t like that nor tolerate that.  She’s young, strong and if she truly has the position she claims in Saudi Arabia, she has the intelligence to write her own original posts.  Saudi Arabia is a daily  melting pot of issues on which to write.  There is no need for any cut and paste.

Okay…I’ve said my piece on the matter.  I’ve said it from the heart.  I wish to encourage American Bedu readers to reach out and complain to,, and complain to these organizations that the Desert Pill Pusher blog is blatantly violating copyright, ethics and blogging integrity.  I also encourage readers to inform King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Riyadh how an amployee is capitalizing on their presence and professional stature to bring attention to themselves rather than the job which they are their to perform.  This is an issue the Ministry of Health should be aware as well as the Ministry of Information.

In advance, I  and the many other bloggers impacted thank you for your continued support and following of our blogs which we joyfully provide as a service to you.

Carol Fleming Al-Ajroush

American Bedu Blog

August 2006 – present day


16 Responses

  1. I am writing these words due to the recent and blatant rape and pillar aging of the American Bedu blog content and of content from other well known Saudi bloggers and writers.

    Can you elaborate on this? Did she debase your blog or plagiarize it?

  2. Hi Carol,
    I couldn’t understand what happened. Did she copy content from your blog? I tried searching for her blog but it’s not available. I actually never heard of her or her blog. I’ve been very busy working on several projects, so I’ve been away from the English bloggers’ world.

    If she’s a plagiarist, and you can prove it, strict action must be taken. If you have documents that prove she stole from you, I believe you should do something more than just write a post.

    good luck.

  3. I agree with you Carol

  4. I wish you knew her name and her family name so you could shame them publicly.

  5. Her name is mentioned in her blog. Why does one want to steal and then shamelessly expose her name and post pictures – I mean isn’t there even an iota of guilt lingering in her conscious?

    What bothers me most – among other things – is that according to her own comments, she is donanting the money she earns from this copied blog to needy staff members. How does that give her good merits? I am speechless.

    If she is so well off (as it seems from photos of her house in South Africa) and have met personalities such as Nelson Mandela, she must surely have a lot to say about her life experiences. Why copy and make it her own then?

    It is sickening to say the least.

  6. Many of us agree with you Sarah. For whatever reason, she is choosing to be lazy and cpoy instead of taking advantage of all the many topics one can easily write about Saudi Arabia. It took a lot of time and effort for her to take my words and words of other bloggers to attempt to change pieces and make them look as her own. Those actions give me great pause and fear of her as a professional. What other short cuts is she taking that could have impact on her patients?

  7. Oh my God! I did not think of that. A thief is always a thief unless they sincerely repent. She can do doing all sorts of things to get her fame.

  8. I admire your feisty response to this infringement. Bev

  9. I have been raped…and while plagarizing your work can be hurtful to you…I highly doubt it was anything like a rape. I take exception to your use of that word. There is no comparing when it comes to rape. Words are powerful, as you have learned when someone steals yours…so please use proper words to describe or explain how you feel…because however you feel, Carol, as bad as you may feel…neither you nor your blog have been “raped”.

  10. Carol if it was Desert Pill Pusher blog spot it no longer exists. Did she pull it or was it pulled? It comes up as blog not found on Blogger and says the name is available.

  11. that’s true, Coolred. You have my emphathy.

  12. I believe the blog has been pulled. I went up on it before and now I cannot access it.

  13. Very well said, my friend.

  14. The Desert Pill blog has been deleted.
    This person, Sumayya Mehtar who stole also from my blog and many others, then went and opened up a new blog with a different name.. However she used most of the content from the previous one which means, it was mostly plagiarized articles on there. The american bedu posts were removed from her site by Google team not her!!

    Before she made this new blog visible to invited persons only (she has blocked both Carol and I from it now) I had the chance to check some of her new posts and found one on Janadriya. She seemed to have written the text herself this time BUT the images were stolen. She had a couple shots of herself posing at Janadriya proving she did actually go there, but I still found three images taken from my photo blog, one with watermark on it.

    If I were her employer I would be very worried about the safety of patients as she seems to just work on her blog from her night shift at the ems pharmacy and if she plagiarized for Sandscript hospital publication..who knows what else is false..

  15. totally agree with you Laylah. It is good to know at least the original blog is down. Now Sumayya needs to continue on and look at herself each day in the mirror. Perhaps she will simply give zakat freely from her salary rather than attempt to alledgedly do that through google ads again. Or maybe she will take food to some of the needy families.

    Cooking for a large Saudi family we always had food leftover. My husband shared those leftovers each night with laborers in our neighborhood, plus some distribution was made for the stray cats too.

  16. AB,
    There are two things that have been really bothering me about this whole article, and so I’m gonna give my two cents:

    The first is that, I agree with Coolred. While I can understand that another person stealing your work can make you feel infringed upon, I highly doubt it comes with all the emotional baggage of being raped. Rape, and even a near-rape, is a whole other level of violation.

    The second is that, do you truly believe cutting off a hand is a good punishment for stealing, because that is what seems to be implied by the picture? While I think stealing is wrong, I don’t think that it means a hand should be cut off. If you really want to fix the problem, why not make the person work to make up for what they have stolen? Or at least make a public apology? I am a strong believer in second chances even if the observed success rate that I’ve seen is only about 50% Even if it was 10% success, it would still be worth it for those people who were willing to change.

    So basically, while I understand your point and why you are mad, I think the language is a little too strong. But then, I’ve been a little cranky lately, so maybe I’m over-reacting.

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