Saudi Arabia: Is There a Food Revolution Going On?

I have always been a fan of journalist, Afifa Jabeen.  She has never disappointed me with her witty and pertinent articles on aspects of Saudi Life and Culture.  Recently she wrote an article about what and where do the chefs eat in Saudi.  Great question and topic for stimulation!

Saudi Arabia has a plethora of cuisine from around the world and competent chefs to keep ones appetite mouth-watering.  Even prior to my departure from Riyadh, more ethnic restaurants from all corners of the globe were emerging on the scene.

I think Saudi Arabia is an excellent location in which to practice ones culinary skills.  The selections of fresh vegetables, fruit, produce, meats and delicacies from around the world rebound in Saudi.  There should be little difficulty in finding the most original and freshest of ingredients.  The spice souks are among the world’s finest too.

I believe that the wide accessibility and diverse expatriate community in Saudi Arabia make the Kingdom a new Makkah for a food revolution.  This is an opportunity for cooking schools and personal chefs to make their mark in the Kingdom.

This is equally an opportunity for expatriates to reach out within their communities and gather together to share one another’s heritage and history through food.  Some of my most special moments in Saudi Arabia were shared over tables whether in a private kitchen cooking together or at a table breaking bread together.


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  1. I keep asking people I know about souks & stores where I could find spices & fresher fruits/veggies(other than supermarkets) in Al Khobar but no one seems to know. I’m sure these places exist. Been looking for fresh basil to no avail. Maybe Riyadh has more options than Khobar. If anyone knows please do advise.
    Thanx again A. Bedu & hope you’re well!

  2. Given Rahma’s problems of locating simple herbs cheaply, maybe it’s only certain cuisines that can be served broadly to Saudi pop. too, at not high prices/exclusive areas.

  3. How ironic when you used the saying: “make the Kingdom a new Makkah” While Makkah actually is IN Saudi Arabia 🙂

    From a Saudi point of view, I can tell that Saudis don’t get the best out of this diversity, They either dine in traditional rice restaurants, shawirma and bakery places, western fast-food chains or Expensive western restaurants (American mostly and some Italian..)

    For myself, I find a great joy when eating at small crowded places where Asian labor eat. I find a great variety, great experience, great prices and new frontiers to explore. you can get all that when you are ready to relax restrictions of cleanness …

    I am really enjoying reading your posts..

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