Saudi Arabia: NEVER Let Go of YOUR Dream


American Bedu extends her most sincere appreciation and love to Khaled Al-Mulhim for bringing this poignant video to my attention.  I encourage everyone to watch this video and give thanks for who and where they are in life.



7 Responses

  1. Wonderfully inspiring video.

  2. I agree with you, Jeannie.

  3. My damaged ears betray me horribly. I only can get 10% at best with my ringing ears. 😦
    Can someone kindly provide subtitles?
    As a husband who helped his wife through 17 pregnancies with only two live births and a wife who helped her husband through the same pain, this touches us in the worst possible places.
    The places of the most pain, hope, sadness and understanding.
    So, this man begs for a transliteration to provide his wife and his own failed ears.
    One tries to move forward, for what is lost is lost, but, one still considers what MAY have been, the *REAL* blessing of our species.
    For, as the literally weakest species on the ENTIRE planet, TOGETHER we are the STRONGEST species. Divided, the weakest in spades.
    It’s the BALANCE that means reality, not extremes.

  4. Thanks for sharing this.

    wzrd1, it has English and Arabic subtitles

  5. Profound, very profound!
    Wzd .. on the bottom of the UTube screen to the right there is a CC button you can click to get English language subtitles.

  6. The subtitles start after the first 20-30 seconds.

    Very sweet film. It’s a good reminder to stay positive and look on the bright side. Also, to accept the negative things in good humor to lighten the situation. As far as the film said about to “fight or break down”, I think there is also the possibility of doing both at the same time, too. I also agree that the power of will is a very strong power.

    I don’t view one life as being harder or easier than another because each life has its own set of struggles. With more gifts comes more responsibility, and sometimes the shoes that must be filled by those with more are very large indeed. Also, I think this film is a good point that although the person the film is about may be physically disabled, he is highly intelligent,persistent and optimistic, which shines through in his accomplishments.

  7. Fantastic video!

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