Saudi Arabia: The Responsibilities of an Expatriate

Anytime one chooses to take a position of employment outside of his or her home country, he becomes a defacto representative of where he or she is from.  Saudi Arabia is a key country which employs millions of expatriates in positions across the spectrum from manual labor to high profile responsible positions.

An expatriates decisions and actions while abroad can and does influence the choices, options and treatments of other expatriates from the same country.

An expatriate may not have intended to become a Goodwill Ambassador but the role is there.  It is important for an expatriate to take the time to consider their words, actions and deeds and how these are perceived by the host country in which they are a guest.

The greater the position of responsibility and higher profile an expatriate has in the Kingdom, the more importance is attached to who that person is and how he/she carries himself.



2 Responses

  1. What a good reminder that we represent more than ourselves when we travel or live abroad.

  2. Thanks, Susanne!

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