American Bedu Moving Slowly

I have spent the past week visiting with family.  It was a wonderful time and there is nothing more precious than family.  However, while there, I had severe sleep deprivation.  I am back at my home in North Carolina now.  There may not be any posts for a few days as I concentrate on catching up on some needed sleep.  Stay tuned though, I have a file with ideas for new posts and hope to start writing them soon.


Thanks for all who continue to follow American Bedu blog.


6 Responses

  1. Glad you had a wonderful visit with your family. Sweet dreams!

  2. Hi: I figured out how to comment. lol What are the chances of an American women getting a job and working in Saudi Arabia?

  3. Are you in NC or in Saudi Arabia? Do you live in NC now? I live in TN. Both are great states.

  4. No worries Bedu, rest. We’ll be waiting for ya.

  5. Sending the energy of love your way.

  6. Hey AB: How are you doing?

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