Saudi Arabia: Fulfilling the Sweet Tooth

Saudi Arabia is known for its traditional desserts which typically use plenty of honey, pistachios and an abundance of sweetness.  Kunafa is probably among the most popular and widely served as a dessert in the Kingdom.  However, American Bedu would like to remind readers that the blog Food and Recipe Page has a variety of favorite dishes and desserts that have been contributed by readers.

For those who are in the Kingdom and having a taste for traditional Western (American) style desserts, it can be challenging.  The majority of bakeries specialize in desserts of the region.

Jeddah residents who desire American style cakes may wish to investigate Helen”s Bakery on Kayyal street. She is an American woman who has been baking in Jeddah since the 1970’s.  Residents of Riyadh are not left out either.  Rana, founder of Elite Delights, is a Saudi woman who specializes in homemade truffles.

American Bedu welcomes those who are in the Kingdom to share their favorite bakeries, bakers and places to get the perfect dessert!

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4 Responses

  1. I do not know the name of the bakery but we had some absolutely delicious and beautiful cakes in Khobar that were from a Saudi bakery but definitely rivaled the best cakes to be found anywhere in Europe or North America.

  2. Good idea ! Yes there are so many amazing bakeries in Saudi Arabia alhamdullilah.

  3. We get most of our sweets, like cakes and cookies from Saadeddin. They have places all over the country.

    Mmmm, now you got me craving some chocolate 🙂

  4. Helen’s bakery in Jeddah is the Delicious!! I’m thrilled that they opened a branch on Aruba St in Riyadh. Helen’s is the best for homemade American style treats. The chocolate chip cookies are my favorite!

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