Saudi Arabia/World: Voting from Abroad

Just because an American expatriate may be abroad during the Presidential election it does not mean that he or she has to forfeit the opportunity to vote – far from it!

The US Presidential election is on Tuesday, November 6th 2012.  Every eligible American voter should have that date noted on their calendar.  There are two dynamically diverse candidates wishing to become the next Commander in Chief.  Barak Obama and Mitt Romney have distinctive agendas for the future of the United States.  YOUR vote will make a difference in which individual will have leadership of America.

Not sure on how to vote while abroad?  No problem.  The Federal Voting Assistance Program  (FVAP) has all the information an expatriate need to vote while abroad at the click of the keyboard.

FVAP is a non-partisan organization run through the US Department of Defense and helps Americans successfully cast a valid ballot from Saudi Arabia or anywhere else in the world.

As a democratic country and society, voting is the opportunity for every eligible American to help shape the leadership and direction of the country.  Every vote has significance.  There are many issues to consider when casting your vote. Choose your leaders wisely. Politicians make laws protecting and restricting social freedoms. They determine the legality of issues like abortion, capital punishment, gay rights, civil rights and religion. Our leaders also decide policy on issues like national security, civil liberties and the environment. If you care about these issues, you must vote.

In closing this post, following is a special message from US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, James B. Smith, on the importance of voting:


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  1. Today (09 October) is the LAST DAY to register in Pennsylvania for this year’s election.

  2. […] because you are an American expatriate outside of the United States does not mean your vote will not count.  It DOES!  The Federal Voting Assistance Program provides […]

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