Saudi Arabia: Hajj – Let’s Keep it Safe and Healthy


Hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah, is considered as one of the most important duties of a Muslim.  Hajj 2012 is closely approaching and will take place between 24 – 29 October.  During this period millions of Muslims from around the world and within Saudi Arabia will flock to Makkah (and Medinah) to perform their pilgrimage.

The city of Makkah has to be prepared to house, transport, feed, provide water and have the millions of pilgrims positioned at the appropriate place of their Hajj journey at the right time.  It is a masterful feat of logistics.

In addition, due to the number of pilgrims coming to the Kingdom from all over the world, there is also a concern of disease or illness.  Each pilgrim must undergo a medical examination and have certain inoculations prior to arrival in the Kingdom for Hajj.  As a preventive measure against all epidemic diseases for Hajj 2012, the Ministry of Health has deployed officials at all 14 ports of entry to monitor the health condition of pilgrims.

King Abdullah specifically directed the Ministry of Health to oversee Hajj health and medical emergency operations.  The special Ministry team is comprised of 105 doctors and 242 paramedics who will be dispersed in various locations for the provision of medical services to pilgrims. In addition, the ministry recruited more than 20,000 people from various medical, technical and administrative categories for Hajj. There are 441 medics in rare medical disciplines including intensive care, breathing catheter and treatment as well as nursing intensive care and emergencies.


4 Responses

  1. What a stunning picture!

  2. It is indeed a stunning picture. Also mind boggling when you see the number of people!

  3. Medical clinic /scare? Ok, look when the Winter and Summer Olympics were on, there weren’t heightened scares of diseases from visitors.

    Yes, of course there were ramped up medical staff across the hospitals in Vancouver during that time. That’s all.

  4. But unlike the Olympics you do not have the millions from all over the world crowded into a confined space.

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