Saudi Arabia: A New Arrival In the Blogosphere Family

Laylah of the Blue Abaya blog is a dear friend of mine.  It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce that she recently gave birth to a healthy and handsome baby boy!  Dad, Mom, New Baby and family are doing fine.  Layla’s daughter is thrilled to be a big sister and have a baby brother.

I learned something new from Laylah about being admitted to the hospital or giving birth within Saudi Arabia.  First of all, hospitals are now offering some specialized services that one would not necessarily find in Western hospitals.  These services include:

  • Ear piercing
  • In-room service (maids/helpers)
  • Dedicated nurse
  • Room décor
  • Beauty services

There are also special services for the mother who gives birth…at a cost of SR 5200 (US$1386.67).  A new mother can receive “the Elite Package” which consists of:

  • Room entrance decorated with balloons and fabrics
  • Principle flower arrangement at room entrance
  • A doll at room entrance
  • 3 center flower arrangements
  • A tray of fancy chocolates
  • A tray of fancy dates
  • A tray of mixed pastries
  • A tray of mixed savory bites
  • A selection of fresh juices
  • Bed of mother decorated with flowers, crystals and lights
  • Luxurious bedding on mother’s bed
  • Room ceiling decorated with helium balloons
  • Giveaways for the visitors and the newborn
  • Gifts for the newborn on behalf of the hospital

I encourage American Bedu readers to visit Blue Abaya blog and offer Laylah and her family congratulations on their newest arrival!


15 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Laylah. If I were a woman, I would keep producing children and be treated in ways that contradict the institutionalized contempt for women in the motherland. Is this lavish treatment and celebrative extravaganza applicable to newborn girls as well? As I remember, daughters are received gloomily.

  2. It’s pink balloons for girls Ali, and blue for boys. Given your views and what you’d do- I guess we’re all glad you aren’t a woman.

    CONGRATULATIONS Laylah. Blessing on him and you and all your family. And enjoy that new baby smell!

  3. Thanks for the lesson in associating and identifying people by colors, Sandy. Doing what I do is an easy and lucrative undertaking, that’s why I am doing it.

  4. You asked if the same extravaganza goes for girls. You seemed not to know this based on your comments. So I answered, it does- but the balloons are a different colour. It’s not a lesson in association or colour IDing people. It’s a direct, literal, answer to your question.

    It really seems to bother you if anyone manages a happy life or even a joyous moment in Saudi. It also seems to bother you when anyone knows something about Saudi that you don’t know. For example, yes, these extravaganzas go for girls as well. I don’t know if that how you real feel- but it’s certainly how you come across to me.

  5. Congratulations on your blessed new member of the family, Laylah! Best wishes for joy and good health for all.

    Sandy, in the US, in the early 1900’s the colors were reversed, pink for boys and blue for girls.
    That changed in the 1940’s.

    Ali, how altruistic of you! ;P
    I’m sure your organization’s expressed wishes will eventually come to fruit. No culture can remain swimming against the current of global advancement forever. 🙂

  6. “It’s a direct, literal, answer to your question. It really seems to bother you if anyone manages a happy life or even a joyous moment in Saudi.”

  7. Hope you got the e-card.

  8. Thank you so much Carol for this honor :))

    Thanks for the congrats everyone and yes bigstick I got the ecard thank you it was very sweet and made me smile 🙂

    Ali Alyami both baby girls and boys get the same lavish extravaganza..just the color of the balloons and decorations changes like Sandy was trying to tell you.
    The baby girls actually have it better, they get only their ears pierced while the baby boys get their foreskins cut off, OUCH!.

  9. Laylah,

    It is an honor for me to share your wonderful news with the blogosphere!

  10. “…while the baby boys get their foreskins cut off, OUCH!”

    I remember the unnatural ordeal. I was about 10 when it happened though.

  11. I’ve always wondered about parents who anxiously scan a new born baby for perfection. 10 toes. Check. 10 fingers. Check. Father’s nose and mother’s eyes. A perfectly formed healthy child…thank god….but wait..Somethings not quite right…something isn’t perfect..let’s take that perfection we so anxiously prayed for for 9 long months and alter into our version of perfect. Let’s cut some extraneous foreskin off that tiny innocent penis…punch some holes in those delicate perfect earlobes and then sit back and say…NOW she’s/he’s perfect.

    New babies are awesome…that lists of services provided indicates adults…not so much.

  12. Oops…congratulations Blue Abaya. I miss that new baby smell. There should be a car freshner hangy thing of that.

  13. congrats blue abaya. many wishes and joy with your baby.

  14. I am wondering what is the average hospital stay for a new mother in KSA? I have delivered 3 children in the US and every time I was discharged early the next morning….including when I gave birth at 1:30 am (about 8 hours after delivery).
    ps — i got smart with the the 3rd one and delivered her at 7:30 am which allowed a little more than 24 hour hospital stay. lol.

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