Saudi Arabia: American Expats – Make Sure You are Prepared to Vote!

Tuesday, the 16th of October will be the next Presidential debate. In this second debate, citizens will have the opportunity to ask the candidates questions on foreign and domestic issues.

It is critical for American voters around the globe to be apprised of the candidate’s views on issues that affect individuals, the United States and the World in order to make an informed choice.


The next Presidential debate will take place on 22 October.  It will focus on foreign policy.


Just because you are an American expatriate outside of the United States does not mean your vote will not count.  It DOES!  The Federal Voting Assistance Program provides complete details on how American citizens can cast their vote from abroad.


5 Responses

  1. Just curious, Who are you voting for Carol? 🙂

  2. I’m voting for the candidate who I feels best represents interests that are of specific importance to me, namely healthcare. Can you guess?

  3. if she was in MA she might vote for Romney, but I think I know who she means 😉

  4. Sometimes, I am reminded of the importance of voting by my friends from countries where they couldn’t vote and/or voting didn’t really make a difference.

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