Saudi Arabia: Reflections from a Newly Arrived Expat in Jizan


Sometimes we need to sit back and remember what it felt like when first arriving to a new location as an expatriate.  What were our initial thoughts and impressions?  How long did it take to settle in and feel comfortable?

A newly arrived expat to Jizan gave American Bedu permission to share with readers his initial thoughts.  He has been in Jizan for less than one month.  The following is what he has shared and in his own words:


Jizan is a nice place and people are more friendly.  I did have an encounter with a student who in his goodness wanted me to take to Islam as God will then forgive his little sins like listening mustic etc…:)) and as he in all his love for me didn’t want me to go to hell as he felt I am a good person.

Last night we visited the Kadi Mall cointaining the Farms superstores and was really very impressed. That so much development has occurred in these desert like surroundings speaks volumes of a positive attitude with these people . One other thing that I have noticed is that education is also helping the people to imbibe more positivity in their religious outlook also. This I have found after reading small papers and tracts left in the staff -offices etc in the university. I must really stress that people generally tend to show respect in the real sense to women and if one is walking with his family including children, many people will stop their cars and offer a ride at times even refusing the taxi fare.


Of course, some of my colleagues have informed me that Jizan being a small place ,people are much more accommodative than at cities like Riyadh. I cannot precisely say anything more as I have never been to Riyadh.


Considering my House owner’s nature (I believe he is a man of position also in the government here) I was surprised by the democratic spirit he displays and the way he stands and works and gets things done, I have seen him shaking hands with workers and asking about their welfare and also meeting us, his tenants, very graciously, of course. I believe he comes from north of the country from a place named Tabuf.


Personally speaking I have found more security and decency in Jizan than I had encountered in other countries in which I have lived.


American Bedu thanks this newly arrived expat for sharing his impressions and wishes him and his family many wonderful years in Jizan.


If you are an expat in Saudi Arabia and like to share some of your experiences, please contact me at



7 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information and portraying Jizan in the right light. As an expat who has been living in Jizan for more than one year, all i can say is that the people here i really very friendly and accommodating.

  2. first impressions stay with you for a long time… and this is how expats should feel, happy to see new things and eager to experience the hospitality of hosts and reading form the email, the hosts seem very nice and friendly.

  3. one of the employee in our company was terminated for a violation,but he is not fully responsible for that and he have not have a good knowledge in arabic to explain at the inquerry,now he go back to his country on last exit. can he have a chance to make an appeal and come back to the company?

  4. It was heartening to read this blog. I am also new to Jizan and still trying to settle down here. After reading this, it also feels positive in a sense, because a lot of people that I have met here do now seem happy.
    Hope we all are able to find our happiness(es)..:)) here in Jizan…InshaAllah.

  5. Salam.. Im planning to work in one of the hospitals there. Is there someone out there who can tell me about this place. Is it safe place to live and work? is there malls to to go to at weekends.Hows life there?

  6. I want to almasyar marriage.
    I am male i am in samtha jizan i have a job in construction firm so i need a 1 woman for almasyar marraige.

  7. Hello. I am hired to be a math teacher in riyadh jazan international school. I will be flying soon. In all honesty i am a bit nervous for this will be my first time to work in a foreign country. I hope you could inform me about the culture in jazan especially the school. Thanks and more power.

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