Saudi Arabia/World: Hajj Mubarak


American Bedu takes joy in wishing all Muslims around the world “Hajj Mubarak.”

Saudi Arabia received 1.75 million foreign Muslims from 189 countries who performed this year’s Hajj.  The number of Saudi citizens or Muslim expatriates who performed Hajj this year are not yet known.

More than 80,000 pilgrims were denied entry to Makkah due to holding fake permits.  Hajj is carefully regulated by the Saudi government for security and safety purposes.

According to the Interior Minister, the number of foreign pilgrims who performed Hajj dropped by 4 per cent as compared to last year.

In 2011, according to the Saudi Central Department of Statistics and Information, the total number of people who performed Hajj was 2,927,717 (2.93 million), of which 1,828,195 pilgrims (1.828 million) had arrived from outside the Kingdom.


Not fewer than 1,099,522 pilgrims for the 2011 Hajj had come from within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, having a population of around 27 million, including nine million expatriates.


Saudi Arabia was host to 57,255 Hajj pilgrims in 1921, 56,319 in 1922, 1,080,465 (1.080 million) in 1996, 1,168,591 (1.169 million) in 1997, 1,132,344 (1.132 million) in 1998, 1,363,992 (1.364 million) in 2001, 1,534,759 (1.535 million) in 2005, 1,654,407 (1.654 million) in 2006, 1,707,814 (1.708 million) in 2007, 1,729,841 (1.730 million) in 2008, 1,613,000 (1.613 million) in 2009, 1,799,601 (around 1.8 million) in 2010 and 1,828,195 (1.828 million) last year in 2011.


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