Saudi Arabia: Blink


Although it is not a new book by any means, I just finished reading Ted Dekker’s, “Blink.”  Blink is a story about a renegade Princess who flees to the United States to escape a very politically arranged marriage.  Her knight in shining armor who runs to her aid is an American college student from UC, Berkley with an IQ that would put Einstein to shame.


Mariam, the Saudi princess was born the daughter of a high-ranking Shii’a sheik who, for a political alliance, was adopted into the Al-Saud family.  Set during the time King Fahd was the ruler of Saudi Arabia, Blink outlines a plot between a high-ranking Prince within the Al-Saud family and Mariam’s true father, the Shii’a sheik.  Their alliance could threaten not only the Al-Saud dynasty but the Kingdom itself.


Although Mariam is unaware of the political plot, she knows for sure she has no desire to be married off to the particular Prince.  One of her friends helps her plan her escape.  Mariam flees ultimately to Berkley where she had once attended some classes and thought a former Professor might help her.


Instead, the Professor felt she did her patriotic duty by informing the US State Department that the runaway Princess was with her.  By this time, not only did the bridegroom want his bride back but members of the Al-Saud family were becoming aware of the plans for a coup.  Several groups of Saudis are dispatched to the United States to collect Mariam and return her to the Kingdom.


Enter Seth Borders, student extraordinaire.  He not only has one of the highest IQ’s ever known but he recently discovers he has the ability to foresee futures.  This new gift allowed him to see the danger Princess Mariam is in and he becomes her protector.


Their journey of avoiding law enforcement, government officials and groups of Saudis takes them from California to Las Vegas.  In Las Vegas they believed an amicable situation had been identified which guaranteed Mariam’s safety and would not force her into a marriage she did not want.


Wrong!  Mariam finds herself back in Saudi Arabia with the bridegroom even more determined to go through the wedding and make her his wife.  Whether they married or not, a coup now looked like a certainty as well.


When Seth learns Mariam is again in danger he finds a way to get himself into Saudi Arabia undetected.


This is a compelling book which draws the reader right in from the beginning.  It has intrigue, romance, politics and faith.  ‘Blink’ is unlikely to be available in Saudi Arabia because of its controversial topics of coups and faith.  However, it makes for an interesting read as a fictional book about a love story between a Saudi Princess and a UC Berkley student.


4 Responses

  1. Is it different or just a kindle version?

  2. It says it’s an updated version which in some way reflects the movie that is being made of it. The title is a little different now.

  3. Sounds pretty good. Maybe I should give Dekker another try.

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