Saudi Arabia/USA/World: Cancer Has no Perimeters

October may have been global breast cancer awareness month, but anyone battling cancer knows that cancer does not restrict itself inside tidy neat boxes.  Anyone battling cancer needs to keep their warrior armor on and also remember to rejoice in each and every day.

I’m writing this post as an FYI that I may be away from the blog for a few days due to my own cancer and some new treatment.  I hope that I won’t miss posting my daily posts but I’m not sure yet how I’m going to be feeling.

For new readers of American Bedu blog and may not be aware, I’ve been battling breast cancer since 2008.  In 2009 my breast cancer metastasized to other parts of my body and in early 2010 I was diagnosed as having Stage IV breast cancer which means the cancer is not curable.  Fast forwarding to now I wanted to update readers on what is now going on.

Several weeks ago I underwent some scans (MRI and CT) as part of a process to enter into a clinical trial.  I did not make it into the clinical trial (this time) since the MRI revealed that I now have 4 tumors on the brain.  Instead, I underwent some additional tests and consultations and now having two separate treatments of stereotactic radiation on the brain.

At first I was depressed that I was not getting in to the clinical trial as planned but then I realized that I was actually given a blessing in disguise.  If I had not undergone the scans, the brain tumors may have gone undetected until they were larger and I was feeling their impact.  Instead they have been discovered while they are still very small (about the size of a grain of rice) and very treatable.

The specialist is confident that the stereotactic radiation will be successful against the brain tumors and kill them completely.  He does not anticipate that I will suffer any major side effects from the treatments.  There is a possibility of nausea and also of a headache due to the face mask and covering that is required for the procedure.  Frankly I’m relieved and happy that stereotactic radiation is a viable option for me!

Once I have undergone the treatments I will then have a “radiation wash out period” of a few weeks and will then try again to get into the clinical trial to slow down the growth of the cancer in other places of my body.

In the meantime, I continue to stay focused and positive.  In case I am away from the blog for a few days while recuperating, I encourage American Bedu readers to provide me with topics and questions on which they’d like to see future posts.


5 Responses

  1. You are a brave woman with a lot of interior force. I’m proud of you and God willing all things will be good.

  2. May you be filled with peace, strength, and renewed hope as you undergo this next set of treatments.

  3. Carol, my deepest prayers for you. I cannot get into my email here in China (again) so sorry about the public message. I am thinking of you and sending you good vibes your way.
    Prayers from the otherside of the world…

  4. don’t worry about the blog , take rest, our thoughts an dprayers are with you always.

  5. Best wishes!

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