Saudi Arabia/ USA/ World: Who Gets YOUR Vote?

In two short days from now the world will know who will be the next US President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America.  Will Barak Obama get re-elected?  Or will Mitt Romney become America’s new president?

According to current polls, the race looks like it is pretty even.  There’s no doubt that every vote will count.

I thought it would be interested to take our own vote here on American Bedu.  Here’s a chance for readers from anywhere in the world to place their vote.  In addition to your vote, I’d appreciate and welcome your comments on why you think your select candidate should be President.



50 Responses

  1. I would like to vote for Jill Stein, of the Green Party. Unfortunately, because I live in Oklahoma, I’m not permitted to. Also, because I live in Oklahoma, which is a Republican state, even if I could vote for her, it would not count. Whatever will be, will be. We’ll just have to make the best of it like always.

  2. @Okie, can’t you write in the candidate?
    I’m going with Obama. Romney has waffled far too much, turning 180 degrees with each audience. Not to mention the incredible string of outright lies he’s told and when confronted, his campaign manager flat out said he’ll not bow to fact checkers.
    I’ll not go into the 47 percent nonsense, which includes children, the disabled and elderly retirees…

    But, I must admit, I’m quite surprised in the advances we’ve made on the social level. We’ve elected a black president, something previously unimaginable in the US. We have a Mormon candidate who is neck and neck in the presidential race with the incumbent president.
    It was once true that ONLY a white, Protestant man could attain the oval office. We’ve come a long way in my lifetime!

  3. Will sure vote for Obama. Just like Wzrd1 said, Romney is very inconsistent. Plus I’m really worried about women’s rights.

  4. I voted early for Obama. Crossing my fingers for the results.

  5. I’ve already voted. Obama.

  6. ‘Redskins Rule’ Predicts Landslide Victory For President-Elect Mittens

    The Washington Redskins lost to the Carolina Panthers 21-13 on Sunday. Meaning, if the past is any guide, that Mitt Romney will win the presidential election tonite in a landslide.

    The so-called “Redskins Rule” predicts that, if the visiting team defeats the Redskins in their last home game before Election Day, the incumbent party will lose the White House. If the Redskins win the game, according to the legend, the incumbent party will prevail.

    The rule has held true since 1940, though it was amended in 2004 to define the “incumbent party” as the party that won the popular vote in the previous presidential election. In 2004, the incumbent president, George W. Bush, triumphed over John Kerry, even though the Redskins lost a close game at home to the Green Bay Packers shortly before Election Day.

    The Redskins were favored by three points over the Panthers on Sunday. The Redskins’ record now stands at a disappointing 3-6.

  7. It will be sad for America, especially those on the lower economic scale, if they vote in Romney. It will also be scary for the rest of the world because he could very well instigate a war of some kind.

    Why oh why do they refer to Barak as black rather than the other half of him anyway? Ridiculous to bring in colour or to say the least.

  8. Why any minority would vote for Romney is beyond me.

  9. I don’t understand why it’s either Democrat or Republican?! What about other parties? I’m thinking I might vote for the Libertarian candidate even though the chances of him getting elected are slim to none. As for who I’d vote fore between Obama and Romney, I don’t much care for either, so I’d probably have to look at their history in politics and see which one I agree with more in the areas they’ll be dealing most directly with.

  10. Why anyone with an operational brain would vote for Romney is beyond me. His opinions vary with each audience, frequently by 180 degree position changes. The only thing I can truthfully ascertain about him is that he’s a master at pandering and outright lying with a straight face.
    Obama hasn’t outright lied as much, he DID mislead on some issues and numbers.
    Romney outright lied, switched positions by 180 degrees multiple times per day and his campaign “refuses to be ruled by fact checkers”.
    Just for once, I’d love to see a campaign purely based upon FACTS and “my plan” being fully documented and presented for examination.
    Rather than the nebulous claim “I have a plan and it fixes everything”.

  11. @StrangeOne, I’d not vote for a Libertarian, as they reject the lessons on regulatory agencies that we learned the hard way.
    That said, I remember one election where I was so disgusted that I voted for a communist. As I recall, that particular election had no Libertarian candidates, but had the largest communist candidate votes and write-in ballots for Bugs Bunny in history.

  12. I am thinking of Romney…
    I am all set and prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, and I am tired of waiting.
    I am ready!
    Embrace the future!

  13. Strange one, why either of the two big parties? because, if you vote for somebody who doesn’t stand a chance your vote is lost. Or your vote goes towards the party you might not like at all.

    This election is one of the most important ever, it is not only about who becomes president, but it is very likely that in the next four years three of the high court judges will be replaced, and if Romney happens to be the one to appoint those judges, you will have a bigoted evil bunch of misogynist religious lunatics in there for the next few decades, and you can say goodbye to your rights, especially if you are a woman, to freedom, to religious freedom, to education for your children, and basically everything which makes America a worthwhile country. Your vote counts, but if you vote for a party where you know beforehand your vote will be useless, you might in actuality be supporting the forces of religious/corporate darkness.
    That’s why it matters in America whether you vote for a real party, or a non-party.

  14. Good video!

  15. And you can all sing ‘when the rich get rich and the poor get poorer’ if Romney gets in. Sadly, the Republicans will continue to hinder and block any good deed that Obama wants to do as they have done for the past four years if Obama does win.

  16. Any human with a vagina who votes for Romney is really, really stupid.

  17. Wendy, talk about singing, here is another good one
    Undecided voters: the musical
    Brilliant comment on the ”undecided” this time I am really into the elections, having spend so much time in America. How anybody without a lobotomy can be undecided between Romney and Obama is beyond me.

  18. @Aafke-Art, so THAT explains the Tea Party! Prefrontal lobotomy.
    The rest of the far right can be ascribed to lead in the drinking water.

  19. If Obama does not get elected, I’ll basically have a death sentence given Romney’s health care plan.

    On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 4:44 PM, American Bedu

  20. I will vote for Obama. In truth the way either man will vote is closer than the supporters realize. Still, in terms of foreign policy Obama is clearly better than any current Republican. The next president will pick supreme court justices and I don’t think I want Romney to pick them.

  21. .. change vote in my post above to govern

  22. A bit on Egyptian politics, just to have a different perspective.

  23. The ”Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” trilogy (all five books) should be compulsory reading at school. It is right on every level.

  24. Today’s the big day!

  25. @Aafke-Art, it’s now a 6 book trilogy. Adams started “And another thing”, another author completed the work.
    He kept quite close to the original wit.

  26. I only read the first one and now you are going to make me read 5 more. 😦 LOL!!!

  27. Wendy! Seminal works! Without them you will never understand how the universe works!

    wzrd, didn’t know about a sixth book in the HitchHiker’s Guide trilogy! Have to get it now!

  28. Did you see the movie 2005 movie of the first book?

  29. @Wendy, yep. Wasn’t as good as the book, due to time, budget (special effects can get REAL expensive) and general realistic ability to portray some things from the book.
    But, wasn’t bad. It was on cable here recently, I had forgotten that Alan Rickman played Marvin. 🙂

    “The President in particular is very much a figurehead – he wields no real power whatsoever. He is apparently chosen by the government, but the qualities he is required to display are not those of leadership but those of finely judged outrage. For this reason the President is always a controversial choice, always an infuriating but fascinating character. His job is not to wield power but to draw attention away from it.
    On those criteria Zaphod Beeblebrox is one of the most successful Presidents the Galaxy has ever had –he has already spent two of his ten Presidential years in prison for fraud.
    Very very few
    people realize that the President and the Government have virtually no power at all, and of these very few people only six know whence ultimate political power is wielded. Most of the others secretly believe that the ultimate decision-making process is handled by a computer. They couldn’t be more wrong.”

    That SO reminded me of Ronald Reagan…

  30. In enjoyed the book more than the movie but the casting was fun for the movie. Sadly I’ve only read the first book but will look for the rest.

  31. I didn’t like the movie, I saw the old tv-series as a kid, I read the books later at college, and I got the original BBC radio programs, where it all started, when I was studying at the Royal College of Art.

    Anybody read ”Dirk Gently’s holistic detective agency” and ”The long dark teatime of the soul”?

  32. back to subject….who is avidly following election results thus far????

    On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 4:08 PM, American Bedu

  33. Glued to the television and computer.

  34. I am not glued to the TV. I’ll find out when it’s all done and dusted. Too many good books to read right now. 🙂

  35. will follow them but nothing yet in my area (6:45pm CST) in Minnesota

  36. Was reading my e-book, checking every 10 minutes online and my ears don’t read books or computers. 🙂

    I can’t BELIEVE that Romney had the audacity to not have a concession speech!
    I personally know a candidate for our state house who wrote a concession speech and he was on both the republican ticket and due to a write in campaign on the part of local democrats, on the democratic ticket with no opponents.
    It’s the NORM for politics.
    Oh well, to give due credit, one was written in the hour that it was obvious that his campaign failed.

  37. This gives us another 4 years at least to prepare. To be honest, at the moment I don’t live in the best environment for surviving the zombie apocalypse, that will change in the next 4 years.

    It’s great to see that the majority of Americans are still progressive, and rational.

    Carol, I am happy for you too.

  38. YEss we passed medical marijuana .
    Unfortunately Phy assis suicide is too close to call and from what i hear Lost .
    Maybe next time… it was so close.

  39. @Aafke-Art, well, 50% or so are progressive and rational.
    Not so certain as to much of the rest. I’ll not even go into what my niece had to say on Facebook, beyond it being the hardest right Tea Party rubbish that never met a fact it agreed with.

    @radha, I always found it interesting that even in ancient Egypt, physician assisted easing of those uncurable and in pain was accepted, but in our “progressive” societies, it is a crime.
    It just shows that empathy isn’t as well regarded today, as this election also showed far too well.

  40. @wzrd1 – i can’t even begin to understand why people have a problem with phy assis suicide. if someone doesn’t agree don’t do it. if it morally offends you then don’t do it. why stop others from dying humanely?? if a terminally ill patient wants to die, he will do so by any means .

    oh well… personally if i have to go i’d much rather go in my sleep than use the rope 🙂

  41. I am grateful I am Dutch, whenever I will be dying in horrible agony I will be allowed a dignified and merciful end.

  42. Woo Hoo!!!!!!

    On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 10:32 AM, American Bedu

  43. Such a good result! Obama now has 4 years to REALLY accomplish something. Hopefully he learned a think or two in the past 4 years!

  44. @radha, I did my clinical rotation in a geriatric oncology ward. Upon arrival we were first introduced to a rather new thing, due to recent court findings, the DNR board.
    Which contained the name of every patient on the ward.
    We then toured the floor, meeting our patients we’d be assisting. One was to not be troubled by our learning clinical care, a 98 year old man who weighed 95 pounds. He had a decubitus ulcer on his hip that one could see bone through. It was debrided twice per week by a surgeon.
    He was on continuous morphine at the highest dose possible for his condition and mass, yet still moaned in pain.
    His sister had been attempting to care for him, but was forced to take a job to help pay for care that wasn’t covered by either the VA or medicare. That resulted in her being away long enough for the ulcer to form, as he could no longer turn himself and resulted in his hospitalization.
    This was also at the peak of the controversy of Dr Jack Kevorkian’s assisted suicides in the US.

    I made my mind up then, if ever I neared such a state, I’d not burden my family by forcing them to watch my painful and slow decline.
    After beginning her nursing career as an RN in an inpatient long term care facility for mostly elderly patients, my eldest daughter has come to agree with me.
    She’s promised, as there is no legal option for such in this nation, to hand me my pistol, should I become so hopelessly ill.

  45. @wxrd1 – As a physician it would be extremly difficult, impossible in fact for me to write a prescription to end someones life. i don’t think i’m in a place to do it yet. I see the horribly cases daily and i selfishly want for me what i cannot get my mind to write 🙂 I think I’m far away from euthenasia too. but… i want the option for me and my loved ones and if i require i hope there is a physician there brave enough and strong enough to provide it .

    There’s a reason i don’t work at the vets hospital or work with hospice , i don’t think i can survive it. i need the facade of hope to do my daily job

  46. Obamacare will live. Very happy today!

  47. @radha, there is worse. NICU. A place that eats nurses and physicians alive.
    In Egypt, it was actually an HONOR for a physician to be trusted enough to be asked to assist the hopelessly ill from their pain and end their life in relative comfort.

  48. Perhaps another poll should be taken.
    How long before people think that the US will get REAL universal health care?
    I’m thinking at least a generation. :/

  49. @wzrd1

    I wish the US had gone that route. The current solution is actually what Republicans had pushed for until they went even more extremely right wing in the last decade (and Obama’s plan is very close to what Romney pushed for in Massachusetts).

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