Saudi Arabia: Traveling or Out and About

When I would either travel or simply go out and about in Saudi Arabia, there were certain items I’d make sure to have in my bag.  There are some cultures and customs which are different in Saudi Arabia and as a Westerner, I was not prepared to compromise.

I always made sure to have toilet paper, plenty of tissues, disinfectant lotion and baby wipes in my purse.  Some of the restrooms in malls or restaurants would not have toilet paper in the washrooms.  Additionally when eating at many local restaurants, patrons would be given tissues (Kleenex) to use as napkins.  The baby wipes would come in handy when wishing to freshen up after a meal.

Additionally, if an expat is invited to the home of a Saudi, the washroom may not always be equipped with toilet paper.  Another good reason to have some handy.  Toilet paper can be acquired in thin travel packs.

Last but not least, on overnight trips to either visit family or stay at a hotel, I found it was useful to take my own wash cloth (face cloth) as many residences or hotels would not have them available.

I was always discreet with my own small cache of amenities and never disclosed to my host that my customs as far as bathroom etiquette might be different than theirs.


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  1. To Bedu.
    I have never been to saudi except Macca and Madina. I do not remember. But I am sure you are right. Saudi is a hot country and normally the do not need such things and they do not feel the need for that.
    Same happens in INDIA and Pakistan.because of the climate. Westrens are used to such things and they need such things as they habitual. I have heard some above average people or VIP’s do have such things in their houses and they do look after their guests.

    Others don’t care. It is difficult to provide such things to whom and to whome not. They can not discriminate locals and Westrens.

  2. Don’t they use bidets in Saudi Arabia? I know the guys I hung around didn’t like to put toilet paper in the toilet.

  3. No TP in Sudan, didn’t see much in Morocco.No facecloths in many European countries I visited either. I always travel with my own facecloth, TP, pillow (no pillow or TP if I can’t take a suitcase), tissues and hand sanitizer.

  4. Many homes in Saudi do have bidets.

    On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 10:18 AM, American Bedu

  5. Specify sister! They use water to wash themselves after instead of wiping. Someone who didn’t know any better might be quite horrified by your description 😉

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