Saudi Arabia: Saudi Style Gangnam


The Gangnam, which was started in Asia, has literally swept the world.  One can see impromptu Gangnam’s take place in the United States and elsewhere around the world.

Not to be outdone, a Saudi Band has also created its own “Saudi Style Gangnam.”  This link will take you to an Al-Arabiya article which has an embedded video of the Saudi Gangnam.

Some Saudis are not pleased with the Saudi style of Gangnam because of what the Saudis are wearing.  The white undershirt and long white pants are traditionally the  (under) garments worn beneath the man’s thobe.

For those readers not familiar with Gangnam, here is one of the original versions from Asia.


9 Responses

  1. As an American I find this video to be fantastic. I love how they change their clothes through it and also by the end they are all pretty much in sync with the dancing. It is great. The youth of today, will be the change of tomorrow. This is a great song to begin with and everybody loves it, so why shouldn’t people in Saudi Arabia.

  2. I love it. More please!

  3. That was great!! I saw the Saudi version earlier on Susie’s blog, and wondered about those white pants as they seemed like underwear in the crotch area.

    This was much better!

  4. Gangnam Style is a korean music video by the artist Psy, who is from the Gangnam region of Korea (which is supposed to be the equivalent of Beverly Hills, Ca, US).

    As a sidenote, I find Korean to be an interesting language because Korean, unlike Chinese, has an alphabet. Each character is the equivalent of a syllable, usually being formed by 2-3 letters. So basically, learning Korean (or at least learning to write it) isn’t nearly as hard as Japanese or Chinese, IMO.

  5. I thought it was a cute parody and well done by some very creative and funny people!

    I live at KAUST and last night, I heard a car go by blaring the Gangman Style song… I’ve never heard a car blaring musing at KAUST and I nearly fell over laughing. (I don’t think anyone else around me “got it” though!)

  6. I live in gangnam and its really surprising that i can see gangnam style even on this blog. korean language and the people are cool. XD

  7. That song has taken the world by a storm. Good on ’em!

  8. I love it and try to do the ‘dance’ in my own way too! Hey….why don’t Bedu readers share their videos of them doing Gangham?????

    On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 10:49 AM, American Bedu

  9. Saudi Gangnam Style

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