Saudi Arabia: More on Jizan


It seems that more expats are receiving job opportunities in Jizan.  It gives American Bedu great pleasure to provide readers with updated information about the city from a recent arrival there.  There’s nothing better than hearing (or reading in this case) current information, thoughts and impressions.


The following data is from an email I received and have permission to share from a recent expat arrival to Jizan:

Jizan is a good place in the sense the weather at this time of the year is getting cooler. It’s really pleasant during the mornings and even late afternoons. There are times when we have to switch off our AC’s for a while ,but the old timers say that from March onwards it will get mercilessly hot. As Jizan is a pretty-small and up-coming place, there are not many malls except two which are most popular with expats.


By now we have visited most of the shopping areas. If you ask me as to which is the best place to shop in Jizan for groceries I would recommend the Farms superstores at the Kaadi Mall. Incidently Kaadi mall has other retail chains too for finding good furnishings for homes  etc.


The Raashid mall is good but it’s bit costlier than at other places like Abha.. Of course the cheaper options are Dubai Center where one can get stuff for five riyals and Yaa Baalash with Al Raya adjacent to it for groceries.


We have started going to these few malls only as when I had taken my wife to souk Dakhali (she was wearing a aabaya and had covered her hair  with a black duppatta ) she felt as if being stared at.  As a result we went and purchased a niqab. She really felt suffocated in the hot weather. She doesn’t need to cover her face with a niqab in the malls ,so the malls suit us well.


Jizan has a great tourism potential if the Government wants to promote it. The hill station of Abha is just two hours away and I have heard that it’s large and quite nice. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit it yet. There are souks and small parks scattered all over this small city. One thing an expat must come to terms with, however, is the absence of greenery though Jizan does have few trees and maintained lawns.


Additionally, it is worth noting that we have seen very few Muttawa (religious police) in Jizan.



5 Responses

  1. Personally it wouldn’t bother me to be stared at.
    It looks like an interesting place to visit.

  2. I always wished I had made it to Jizan!

    On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 11:16 AM, American Bedu

  3. But Jazan is the most expensive city in all terms.

  4. Room rent is really a big problem of jizan…its too much because of brokers…

  5. Its very nice blog. Very informative. Thanks as I was searching for a long time information about jizan. I will be joining jizan soon Insha’Allah as lecturer at jazan university. Can anybody please share latest updates about and university as well. Is is safe to travel alone? How far is girls wing from city ? Please help!

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