Women in Saudi Arabia, and in some other Middle Eastern countries are now permitted to drive for the first time…



17 Responses

  1. That’s hilarious!

  2. Classic! I’m sure it’ll take some a few seconds more than it should to get it:)

  3. I saw the headline and believed it 😦

  4. And some other ME countries? Which ones? We’re the only ones so backwards.

  5. It’s only mildly amusing at best. I lost my sense of humour about this about a decade ago.

  6. Oh come on Sandy. Live on the edge a little:) imagine taking that bugy for a cruise or when it’s raining or something:)

  7. If I’m going to live on the edge and/or imagine something I’m taking an SUV right down Medina Rd.

  8. Finally

  9. Ibrahim, I’m one of the ones that took a moment to understand and then did laugh!

    And Sandy If I lived in Saudi, I probably wouldn’t find this amusing either but across the causeway in Bahrain I can laugh.

  10. Is it???? I dont find the breaking news thru any of the newspapers though!!

  11. I took this serious and jumped for joy! :(( this taxis is expensive

  12. I am sorry it woudl be so funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  13. Gave me my morning chuckle for sure! Well, one thing for sure is that women could get away with it because the Mutts couldn’t see in. LOL!!!

  14. loll ! funny

  15. I sent this to my friends and some looked at it and didn’t get it at first, then theh LOL came in. It is funny.

  16. OMG. I have seen that joke, but I saw the words just now before the pic and you almost gave me a heart attack. I bet my entire life savings and my house that it won’t happen in my lifetime. I would have been homeless. (okay, kidding.)

  17. Hahahah me and my Saudi friend debate this all the time! He seems to think it will provoke more rapes if women drive? He lives in an area of Saudi where women walk by themselves (not sure if this would be common in all KSA) and he doesn’t want them to drive!! I told him women walking by themselves is when rape occurs most. He did concede they could start out small, like letting women drive with a man in the vehicle. I think that would be a great way to get everyone to open up to the idea!

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