Saudi Arabia: Stem Cell Research Facility Considered for Saudi Arabia


When I first read that a new stem cell research facility was under consideration for Saudi Arabia my interest was immediately piqued.  I am personally most familiar with the use of stem cells in cancer research and procedures.  My late husband, Abdullah, had a stem cell transplant which gave him an additional year on his life when he was battling his rare and aggressive leukemia.

Stem cells are becoming more frequently used in conjunction with cancer treatment and ongoing research.  Therefore it was a surprise to me on reading the article that the proposed stem cell research facility is oriented for the treatment of individuals with heart problems.

American cardiologist and researcher Dr. Yerem Yaghiazarians is visiting Saudi Arabia to gauge the interest in the establishment of a stem cell research center.  He provides an extensive interview on the types of treatment available and the benefits heart patients can receive.  I found the article very informative and would not be surprised to learn that Dr. Yaghiazarians is successful in his efforts to establish a facility in Saudi Arabia.

However, I do wish to point out that stem cell research and stem cell transplants are not uncommon in Saudi Arabia.  The King Faisal Cancer Center in Riyadh has been performing stem cell transplants for cancer patients for a number of years.  My late husband chose to have his stem cell transplant at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, USA only because the patient care approach differs between KSA and USA.  That does not mean to imply or infer though that the procedure is not safe or not recommended in Saudi Arabia.  There are very competent doctors, nurses and whole teams who are dedicated to the patient and ensuring the patient receives the best quality of care.


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  2. This is indeed good news..

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