Saudi Arabia: Kitchen is the Heart of the Home


So much of family life takes place in the kitchen regardless of what country or nationality one may be thinking about.  Saudi Arabia is no exception.  Families do gather round and share conversation in the kitchens while cooking together or waiting for those special dishes.

My Saudi mother-in-law and I do much of our bonding in the kitchen.  When I first arrived in Saudi I spoke little Arabic and she spoke no English.  However in the kitchen,  we were able to easily communicate as she prepared and showed me the favorite dishes of my husband.

In Jeddah, Goody Kitchen Academy also recognizes how special the kitchen is and provides classes in the culinary arts.  What also makes Goody Kitchen Academy unique is that the students are primarily Saudi women rather than expatriates thus illustrating the increased interest of Saudi women in learning additional culinary skills.

Goody Kitchen Academy’s mission has always been to help women live their dreams, become accomplished entrepreneurs and play key roles in the field of culinary arts.  For further information, it is well worth perusing Goody Kitchen’s web site.


4 Responses

  1. And thus did our intrepid host learn, cooking is ALSO communicating. 🙂
    A more fulfilling way of communicating is unknown to me.

  2. Wow! Good luck to you Ladies. This is all very inspiring! Keep on cooking and sharing!

  3. That’s great! Cooking classes are a fun way to get together and to learn new things. Hope they open up in other cities.

  4. I’m surprised the recipes on the website are in English. Perhaps I’ll find something new to try.

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