Saudi Arabia: Continued Outreach Efforts to Support Breast Cancer Warriors

When I left Saudi Arabia there were few (if any) breast cancer support groups.  Breast cancer was still a disease that was kept relatively quiet and private.  Therefore, it lightens my heart when I hear of more and more public efforts that are made to either raise awareness or towards helping breast cancer warriors and families.

The latest initiative is a collaborative effort between SABB Takaful, Zahra Breast Cancer Association and Saudi Physical Therapist in Women’s Health.  These organizations joined forces and sponsored a sports day for breast cancer warriors at Panorama Mall in Riyadh.

The event featured a full spectrum of female physiotherapists, nutritionists, dieticians and fitness trainers in an effort to provide comprehensive awareness to the participants. In addition, an educational package was distributed containing appropriate sportswear and relevant health education material.  SABB Takaful was the primary sponsor of the event and undertook the initiative as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

I am hopeful that more similar events will not only continue in Riyadh but in all the cities and towns of Saudi Arabia.


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