Saudi Arabia: Is Khalid Al-Dawasari’s Sentence Fair?


It’s official.  Saudi national Khalid Ali M. Al-Dawasari has been found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment for his intent to bomb the home of former US President George W. Bush and others.  His family back in Saudi Arabia feel that this is too harsh of a sentence.  Their perspective is that since he was a “harmless failure” in his efforts greater compassion should be shown by the American judicial system.


Al-Dawasari was proven beyond a doubt to have the intent to move forward on his plans of terror.  FBI agents found explosive chemicals, wiring, a hazmat suit and clocks, along with videos showing how to make the chemical explosive TNP.


Additionally, Al-Dawasari, a Saudi scholarship student in the United States, wrote in his journal that  the scholarship was a necessary springboard for him to launch his plan to master the English language, learn how to (sic) build explosives, and then target the infidel Americans. It was to be his time for Jihad.


There are still unanswered questions about Al-Dawasari and his unbridled hatred of the American ‘infidels.’  His intent to create terror seems plenty clear.


Al-Dawasari’s family is appealing his case to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Society for Human Rights to seek help for their son who they say is suffering emotionally and physically from this ordeal.


25 Responses

  1. Harsh but fair !!

  2. Yes he deserved it. He is monster hell bent on killing innocent men women and children.

    If he was successful he would have made many children orphans, wives widows, husbands as widowers, parents as childless and putting it simple he was evil.

    And what amuses me is that despite wanting to kill whom he thinks as “infidels” he still wants to appeal his sentence with the “infidel” justice system.

    I would in fact say he was lucky to have been given a fair trial in the US courts he would have definitely had it worse in the saudi kangaroo courts.

    And what irritates me is that as usual Saudis start rallying around their kin despite him being a monster, typical saudi attitude…
    I hope the US doesn’t buckle under pressure as it did for Humaidan al Turki.

  3. I would say he is rather lucky to be in the US prison system. He would have his head off in public in Saudi for the same failed attempt.

  4. Yes, he was not some poor jerk tricked into this he was well educated with at least some of the skills to successfully build a bomb. He was gathering the material needed. If this were 1942 he would be executed.

    The fact that his family doesn’t even seem embarrassed by his behavior is almost shocking. Muslims somehow are surprised that Americans are suspicious of Islam and Muslims. They should read about this jerk and understand.

  5. No sympathy for such hatemonger.. but sad for the family. I hate hate..No justification for any sort violence. No one has right to kill any innocent irrespective of relgion,nation,tribe, caste,race..

    “injustice to anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

  6. Every Arab or Muslim man who visits the West with intent to harm is doing more harm to other Arabs and Muslims than to people in the West.

  7. Wait, so they’re saying the U.S. judicial system’s punishment is too harsh? And they’re not ironic hipters?

  8. Of course it is fair. Do you think otherwise Carol?

  9. “suffering emotionally and physically from this ordeal”

    Ahhh, so sad to hear this….. Actually, those who do criminal acts and are caught always “suffer emotionally and physically”…. because they FAILED!

    How would they fare if they failed a similar plot in Saudi Arabia, where plots against the Royal family are dealt with very harshly? His parents should feel glad he’s imprisoned in the US, where even prison inmates accused of wanting to kill all of us are given certain civil rights and guaranteed humane care and treatment.

    A murderer on death row in California sued the state for the right to be given a heart transplant —- and WON. So, a healthy heart will go to this sad piece of humanity instead of a law-abiding patient who might be a teacher, banker or retired CEO dying from a failing heart.

    As a mother, who gave permission to use organs from our brain-dead beautiful 21-year old 20 years ago, I would be hugely outraged to learn that my son’s heart went into the chest of a convicted murderer on death row instead of the 44-year firefighter with 2 daughters who did receive it.

    What a waste of a healthy life-saving gesture that would be.

    How is the world supposed to handle these awful, evil-thinking people who wish only to kill?

  10. I wish world’s biggest terrorist BUSH who happend to be president of an esteemed country like US, shud also be put behind bar at least for killing millions of innocents due to his selfish policies & lies.

  11. I think life in prison is not harsh enough considering in Saudi Arabia stoning and drownings are sentences for lesser crimes

  12. stoning and drownings…never heard in KSA Kat.

  13. It is sad this young man ruined his life. He was granted an opportunity to study abroad and he does this? But the family Wow are they shitting us? It is too harsh because he failed. What if he had been successful? Here as stated by others it would be ” Off with his head!!” The double standards are very hypocritical 😦

  14. @azad
    So you are implying just coz Bush allegedly killed people in war the actions of this scumbag are justified? I am sure this scumbag too reasoned the same with himself.

    And if it is only bush you wanna blame why don’t you also blame those so called Muslim leaders who promote violence against their own citizens, and sects,Sunnis killing Shias and vice versa, Hamas killing Fatah and vice versa, Pakistanis killing each other, etc…

    Typical hypocritical attitude I see here…

    Or “are you playing the one mans terrorist is an another mans freedom fighter” card.

    Such scumbags like Khalid deserve a much worse then what was afforded to him but again unlike the Muslim countries where you come from, something called “Human Rights” is practiced in US.

  15. Ahmed@,

    Please go back and read 6th comment above. One wrong this is not justfied with other wrong thing. So, why Bush why not abc is not acceptable when I didnt support those abc.

  16. “suffering emotionally and physically from this ordeal”? Seriously? HIS ordeal? Waaaaaaaaaaaa! Too harsh of a sentence in Saudi Arabia might just be beheading. He’s getting off lucky.

    Have a great time in a US jail surrounded by infidels, Khalid. Make a lot of new friends. I can only hope that they put him in a jail in New York.

  17. I don’t know how bad is sing sing or rikers,
    But I presume Lubbock where he is now is a better prison for him.

  18. Terrorism as such is the worst crime Qora’an condemn perpetration of terrorism and prescribe capital punishment, revenge is also allowed, he only wanted to elliminate the worst Terrorist on earth and there his aim was mere revenge of LAKHS OF INNOCENT MURDERS by this criminal and therefore is not guilty,though the approach was wrong . He had no authority to punish a Criminal . He should be freed and deported to his back home . This is the only justice, but where is justice ? , only Allah will do

  19. If every culprit is punished and every innocent is given justice and every human’s right is protected with dignity, if every human right violator is punished then I think there is no question of revenge, terrorism ..etc in this world. But unfortunately, meaning of terrorism is defined by the people who terrorise other innocents & human rights is defined by hatemongers. There are different forms of human rights & terrorism, that completely depends on “power”. A culprit can be declared as human right protector and a victim can be declared as terrorist and vice versa – we live in a world of hypocrisy, where power is always justice.


    JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 20 (UPI) — A Palestinian convicted of carrying out a series of robberies was beheaded in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Saudi officials said.

    In accordance with Shariah Islamic law, people charged with rape, murder, armed robbery, sorcery or drug trafficking are executed in the oil-rich Persian Gulf country.

    While there are no current statistics for the number of people beheaded in the kingdom this year, Amnesty International said 79 people were executed in Saudi Arabia in 2011, triple the number of those executed in 2010 when 27 were put to death.

    Khalid’s parents should read the above article!

  21. It’s only natural that his family wants the sentence reduced or thrown out….they are his FAMILY. Many people love those in their family unconditionally. We don’t have to agree with them, but neither do we need to lambast them or make fun of them. He is their son, their brother, their cousin, their nephew, their grandchild…they love HIM. They may not love or condone what he did, but they love HIM. Isn’t that how we are supposed to love our loved ones? Will it really hurt any of us to allow them to have their say? The American courts have already had their say and are unlikely to be influenced by his family. They are grieving. They are grieving for the bright eyed little boy brimming with potential that they watched grow up and that they hugged and kissed goodbye at the airport when he left to come here. They are grieving that it has ended this way, not that he has failed, but that they have lost him.

  22. @Okie homestay,

    Nice thinking .. a complete mind of a good human being.. appreciate 🙂 May Allah bless u

  23. I disagree Okie. I understand of course he is their son and this is a terrible blow- but blaming the US justice system when he did get a fair trial- that he wouldn’t have received in his own country and even they know he is guilty? Their grief is natural but they are directing it unfairly. It makes you wonder if he was ever held accountable for his actions growing up- or if he learned he could do what ever he wanted and none of it was his fault.

  24. USA is a country that manipulates facts … that’s it …

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