Saudi Arabia: How Young is Too Young for Marriage?

A social expert from Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University said to date there were at least 5,622 recorded cases of Saudi girls getting married before they turned 14.  However, he failed to mention what kind of time period was involved in the tracking of such cases.

How can a 14 year old or younger girl understand and truly know about the expectations of becoming a wife at such a young age?  I remember my own mother-in-law sharing with me how she was married at age 14 and did not realize initially that she was married.  She said she was still a young girl who enjoyed playing with her homemade doll and all of a sudden she was a wife and shortly after a young mother.  I think everyone should read her story.

Who is responsible for explaining in terms a child bride could even understand the duties and expectations of becoming a wife?  Especially if the husband is an older man?

While the Kingdom is among those who have signed the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) agreement, it imposed the condition that it would only adhere to articles that did not contradict Islamic law.  Islamic law still allows for babies to become wives.

The Supreme Council is the only entity in Saudi Arabia who can legally issue a ruling on marriage to young girls and set a minimum age for marriage.

In today’s cases most of the child marriages in Saudi Arabia are arranged for either political or financial reasons.  A tribe needs to be closer aligned or a family is poor and willing to marry their daughter to an older man in exchange for money and other goods.  Child marriages are more like a market commodity that does not take into account the feelings and emotions of the child.

Children in Saudi Arabia are much more sheltered than children in other parts of the world and unlikely to know about the facts of life until near completion of high school or later.  They certainly are not aware of what is expected and takes place the wedding night.

Surprisingly among the individuals questioned by the Saudi Gazette there are mixed views about child marriages.  So let me ask YOU, American Bedu readers, what do YOU think is an appropriate MINIMUM age for a woman to marry?


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  1. Fourteen is way to young to be married, having sex and then having babies. Way too young. They do not have the mind of responsibility and still want to be with people their own age. If they were both 14 that might be different, but it is like being a pervert or child molester when it is an adult involved. Arranged marriages seem to be bad altogether and I can’t imagine being forced to marry someone I didn’t even know for what ever reason behind it. Seems to be a lot of divorce amongst arranged marriages.

  2. It probably depends on the individual as some people are more mentally and physically mature than others, but I definitely think parents should not marry off their daughters for political or tribal reasons or to settle debts.

  3. @Penny.
    Ypu are wrong. I think you are a woman. Appropriate minimum age for marriage of a girl is when she stars her monthly periods. She is ready . She may not marry, that is a different story.
    You may not like arranged marriage but courtship an intercourse before marriage is SIN in all relligions.
    Better mary at young age.

  4. Given a need for education it is foolish to let girls marry so young. Marrying off girls rather than risk ‘sin’ is wrong.

  5. ” Islamic law still allows for babies to become wives.”

    AB, I am surprised at the level of ignorance shown here. I am guessing there is a trace of emotionalism here. Can you give some
    proofs from the Quran or Sunnah? Not some quack scholar mind you, because I heard of one unpopular scholar mentioned this but was rejected by the rest of the Muslim scholars and Muslims globe-over.

    Before an Islamic marriage takes place, the bride must be aware of her situation and be consulted. Her agreement MUST be taken, means she has to be capable of making and breaking serious discussions. Babies aren’t capable of even speaking, AB.
    As per your question, I don’t know if there is a minimum age as mental, emotional etc development proceeds at varying rates from person to person as well as unevenly within different areas of each person’s functioning.Given the huge differences among children of the same progressive age, a child’s age must be recognized as only a gross index of developmental maturity. A 15 year old could very well be ready for marriage responsibilities while a 30 year old could still be incapable of handling her own life. However, a “child” in the whole sense of the word would definitively be too young (immature) for marriage.
    According to the link you provided AB, “Many people who spoke to Saudi Gazette about child marriage said the practice violates the human rights of girls because it excludes them from decisions regarding marriage and choice of spouse.” The problem arises when the bride-to-be is either not consulted or too young to be consulted – all against the teachings of Islam.

  6. Sheltered or not, they know the facts of life if they have access to the internet.

  7. I mean, they know long before high school.

  8. What did Allah reveal in the Quran about forced marriages and child brides (not old enough to be married)?

    “O you who believe, it is for not legal for you to inherit women against their will. And don’t make it difficult for them so you can take from what you have given them (marriage dowry) unless they commit open immorality. And live with them in goodness (Al-Marufi). Because if you dislike them, it could be you dislike something and Allah makes in it a lot of “khair” (good).” [Noble Quran 4:19]

  9. I have to agree with MrsB here, although getting married young usually results in stunting one’s personal growth life is full of give and take. It depends on what a person wants out of life. It also depends on culture and what is deemed appropriate.

    I know of an elderly couple who were teenage sweethearts. I can’t remember how old the man was at the time (18 or 19ish), but his sweetheart kept telling him she was 18. Finally, she told him the “truth” that she was 16. She was actually 14 at the time they married (though he didn’t find out until much, much later). They lived a long life together and had a happy marriage.

    Although I would have been okay marrying at a young age, it would have stunted my personal growth and I’d probably be a teacher rather than pursuing a medical career. Not saying it would have been a bad choice, just a completely different one.

    For most people, though, I’d say once a person (men and women) have a strong grasp on who they are and what they want out of life is when they are ready for marriage. However, no one should be forced to marry until he/she chooses to get married. For most people, I’d say 18-35 is a good time to get married, although I’d say 25-45 is a good time to have children depending on culture, etc. I think a minimum age for a woman to marry should be 16, unless she is already pregnant and wants to marry the father of her child and already has her legal guardian’s permission.

  10. My grandmother was 14 when she married and 15 at birth of first child. That was in the 1930’s but they stayed married throughout their lives, 75 years. Personally, I think this is way to young, as children should be mature mentally as well as physically, to handle the responsibilty of marriage and life in general.

    In the US, each state sets the minimum age for marriage, some states still are as low as 14.

  11. I find it quite thought provoking that we are having this topic in 2012! Where are we that women are still subjugated and required to abide by the rules that have been in place for more than a thousand years? Has there not been any movement toward a modern humanistic point of view. My gosh – you take a way a girls youth and put her into a role of a grown woman. Hey -while society is accepting of little girls getting married, it will not change and it does not matter what we think. Child marraiges are so much a thing of the past…but you see – here in KSA, culturally, we are still about 200-500 years behind the times. That is the way it is until enough people decide to move into the outside world!

  12. Strange that some people think here that eligibility for marriage is when a girl starts her period.

    Like Bob, let’s remember it’s the 21st century.

    In terms of marriage for a girl OR indeed just getting pregnant:

    *when she legally can have her own bank account, own property, drive a car and can vote in elections. (In Canada, it is over 18 yrs. for man or woman to vote.)

    Have I said enough….of what a woman should be able to do legally anywhere in the world, in any country? Otherwise she cannot look after herself with baby/child if her husband leaves her or she wants a divorce.

    My point is : when she is considered a full-fledged adult and given the rights an adult to exercise independent decisions for her own life and for her child.

    She needs to have an education by at least finishing high school. This requires time and concentration.

  13. “Islamic law still allows for babies to become wives”. This is not an accurate statement. Yes, in Islam we are encouraged to marry early. In the majority of cases this occurs between men and women of the same age. We are encouraged to do this in order to protect ourselves from “fornication”.

    I still find it amazing that people can try to attack Islam with this issue. Especially, people from the west. Are you in denial about child pornography, that mainly comes from the west? Are you in denial about all of the instances of child molestation? Are you in denial about all of the prostitutes (men and women) in America? They walk around day and night, openly selling themselves. Yet, no one speaks for them. Nor, do you slander the religion of the people that exploit them.

    When a man marries a woman of any age in Islam. Then, he becomes responsible for her. He is supposed to provide for, honor, and respect her. Now, I’m sure that there may be some bad apples. But, don’t we have them in every religion. What is the religion of those people that sell child pornography? Are we putting their religion on trial?

    In America I married my current wife when I was 35, and she was 17 approaching 18. I did not initiate the marriage. She expressed her interest in me through her guardian (wali). We have been married now for over 10 years.

    The issue of the “wali” is another thing which has not been entered into this discussion. Allaah and His Messenger have said, that a marriage is not valid unless a woman has a guardian. The guardian should be a male member of her family; father, brother, uncle, or even son; someone that loves her and will look out for her interests.

    Why did Allaah and His Messenger make this stipulation? It was done in order to protect the rights of women. It was done in order to protect the honor of women. Are there some men that may not live up to this tremendous responsibility? I’m sure that there are. Does this mean that we condemn the whole religion?

    To make the statement, “Islamic law still allows for babies to become wives.” This is a condemnation of Islam. It greatly misrepresents Islamic principles which have protected the rights of women. Remember, the pre-Islamic Arabs used to bury their daughters in the sand. Allaah and His Messenger condemned and outlawed this terrible practice. Yet, this is one of the issues that is rarely presented about Islam.

  14. There is no way a 13 year old girl can know enough to make a good decision on getting married. That is why most modern societies have laws against early marriage. Saudi Arabia is living in a straight jacket of its own creation. They allow a text compiled in the 8th century to set a standard for today.

  15. I got married at 15 and never regretted it.It all depends on the maturity of the young woman.
    I work as a nurse practitioner in Canada and I see young 12 ,13 and 14 year old girls getting pregnant without the support of a husband,that’s even more concerning to me.

  16. My grand mother got married off when she was 9, she wasn’t even aware that she got married and well her choice is now limited and she had a great family there after, so it totally depends on culture.. but in this modern age, on the average, I think early 20’s is the right time for a girl to understand what she is and what she wants. Ofcourse, there are exceptions in terms of physical or mental maturity too.

  17. mrsB,

    Giving links to and other lsimilar orthodox muslim websites is like giving links to white supremos websites, dangerous and unreliable … so ignorant to try give evidence from people whose sole intention is absolute hate for other religions and anything “western”.

  18. my daughter is an high school senior, she knows the facts of life. she knows what it takes to be married ( theoritically) and i think that if she was married today her body can probably deal with the changes, , BUT mentally she is still in the mode of wanting to study, she is not independent and that is why i say shes not ready . Her chosen field of study ( 7 yr medical prog) is very very difficult, why on earth would she add the care and feeding of a marriage into the mess. mentally she would be a wreak.

    I think the right way to enter a marriage is when both partners are equal. equal in terms of independence. doesn’t mean they have to make the same amount of money or even work.. equal in mindset, equal in being an adult and equall in being capable of taking care of themselves.
    that way we don’t create needy – ill balanced partnerships.
    and marrying a 14 yr old is certainly not equal…no matter what who says.

  19. Check the death rate and rates for fistula and other medical problems for girls becoming pregnant at such a young age. It’s not good.

  20. I think its totally on the parents because they know there child mental age.Islam encourages early marriages of girls when they start having periods but its encouraged not forced (the reasons are many for early marriege of a girl).So it does depends on the parents and yes on the girl too.

  21. And we also know that in west girls at the age of 14 sometimes becomes pregnant and because they donot have any protection like in case of marriage they stand in a dead end financially emotionally.

  22. Louise Enakai, your ignorance surpasses me because behind this ignorance you present a hostility and agenda that I am fully aware of. Ok, if the topic is talking about Islam, why is it unreliable to take the source from an Islamic website? Should I then research about the Petronas Twin Tower from a website talking about the Sears Tower? I’m in no mood to be polite, with people like you.

  23. @ Mrs. Asghar – did you read what I wrote about the health of young girls and pregnancy???

  24. I’m not one for teen pregnancies, but they do happen and if both parents are teens who love each other that want to keep the child, why not help them, even if it means the grandparents help out more with the raising of the baby so the teens can get their life together? Sure, it’s not ideal, but life happens. In most of the teen pregnancies (especially in cases as young as age 14) in developed nations, I’d want to know where the parents of the teens are.

    For me personally, I could have managed being a parent at 16 but I’m not sure that I could have managed being a wife at that time and I’d rather be married if I’m going to have children (especially that young). I would have taken the GED and gone to college early, possibly also working P/T. That used to be my dream when I was younger, but I didn’t meet the right person for me at that time, and as I got older I’m okay with waiting to have children, especially now that I want to go to med school. Had I had children earlier in life, I’d wait until they were in secondary school/(middle or high-school) to start taking pre-med courses if by some chance life still directed me towards medicine. So yes, it’s doable. Sometimes, I wish I had had children younger (though possibly not quite that young). Other times, I’m thankful I still don’t have any.

  25. Parents are not mind readers. I’m close o my daughter. V v close, I have a reasonable idea of whom would likely suit her but I have no way of reading or knowing her innermost desires and needs. That is for her to find in a mate. So me forcing or deciding whom she should spend the rest of her life with is out of question.

    As to age girls as young as 9 hit puberty nowadays, so that is no standard to go by.

    I firmly believe in this day and age we need to teach and enable each and every child to be self sufficient and capable of surviving by themselves. That I doubt is easy if my daughter married at 14 and had babies starting 15…..

    I want to be a grandmother not a mom again. Her kids she will raise, for that she needs to be educated, earning and have met a man who is decent…. Certainly didn’t happen at 14. Doubtful if it will happen at 20 either. And I don’t expect her to sleep around or get pregnant either. SHe’ll be too busy getting an education 🙂
    As should all those poor child brides be doing.

  26. @strangeone — “why not help them, even if it means the grandparents help out more with the raising of the baby so the teens can get their life together?”

    — I undestand , but don’t agree. I tell my kids — Don’t have kids if you cannot raise them, don’t have kids if you can’t support them.
    If you think contraceptives are not 100% foolproof use more than one type. Still not 100%. Use your brains and refrain from sex. Simple

    I’m not raising your chid so you can finish school. That is non negotiable in our house. If they are od enough to ave sex they are old enough to deal with the consequences. Work in min wage and raise your kid. Of course I’ll pay for college , having a kid doesn’t change my responsibility but I’m not staying awake all night so you can study 🙂

    Guess the talk worked.. Parents need o stop treating their teens as fragile petals and teach them a few hard lessons.

  27. The minimum age should be 18. One would hope that a young bride’s mother would explain some things to her daughter prior to the wedding night…

  28. @Radha,
    Having young parents as parents, my parents told me when I was younger that I should wait until after college or what not, but that accidents happened (e.g. I happened which is why I am against abortion; to be for abortion would be to wish myself out of existence), and if I needed help in the beginning they’d help out and not to be worried to talk to them. Of course, having young parents as parents was birth control enough in some ways. Had I met the right person when I was younger, I would have taken steps to gain independence earlier so I could start a family. But I didn’t, and here we are.

  29. Well here you go if a teen become pregnant then grandparents or boyfriend etc are not bound to support the person a husband will have to support.Its an ideal case that if two teens love each other so much that they wana raise the child, normaly if there is way out they will go for it.As far the health problems are concern its not necessarily true that only teens have pregnancies problems.My point is not that get all the young girls married on the age of 14 and yes parents are not mind readers but you did know what kind of person suits your child and when will be your child ready to get married.What i wana say is that if some parents thinks that at 14 there child is ok to get married is not all the time worse decision only if the child is also have no issues.I know some people living sucessfully with these decisions there daughters getting education after marriege and simply happy with this decisions.Marriege is a contract, they simply find the person who agrees for there daughters educations and other needs too because it can be put in the marriege cerficate too so why not go for it if no one has any issue .as far as the point concern getting married after periods starts is just a condition in islam and as i said earlier not compulsary and again is our own choice totally.this whole is a case of choice or ways we pick.

  30. .

  31. ” Islamic law still allows for babies to become wives.”

    That is a very ignorant, Islam bashing statement. Shows total lack of respect to the religion of your late husband and a blatant lie.

    It is alright in the west for 12 year old to have boyfriends (they find it very cute) and its okay for them to go on “dates” and to leave them alone. But to marry young – oh no … thats not okay.

    My mom married below 12 years and my sister’s mother in law married at about the same age and had all her kids by the time she was 18. She is a very young great grandmother now. There is nothing wrong in early marriage if the girl is ready to be married. In hindu customs babies are engaged at the the time of their birth. And there are still many tribes, nomads, gypsies in Europe who still marry very young. And there are people in their eighties who are getting married.

  32. @strangeone – i never said i was for abortion 🙂 , i’m pro-choice but
    at the same time, i’m for the ‘ you play you pay ‘ tribe..

    As for young people getting married, sure a 14 yr old and 18 yr old can get married. and have babies, but can they provide andtake care of each other??? can’t live on love and fresh air 🙂
    maybe if a 28 yr old is married to a 14 yr old then he can provide, but i don’t advocate a large age gap.

    Sure the 14 yr old can marry a 30 yr old.. marriage is a meeting of minds, love , passion and friendship. kind of hard if they belong to 2 diff generations…

    so no i don’t advocate teens marrying or teens having kids. that is not the time to do it. just because someone’s grandmother did it doesn’t make it right for this day and age.
    my great grandmother married at 13 and she died when she was 46… of some disease which no one cared to treat since her kids were grown and had kids of their own. it was considered old age…
    is that acceptable nowadays?? no . so we need to evolve and act and raise kids according to the current environment.
    nowadays it is important to be self sufficient. maybe 50 yrs from now it’ll change — till then the best a parent can do is educate their child – especially girl child and empower her to face the world.

  33. I don’t think any young person male or female is ready to get married unless they have a reasonable expectation of being able to provide for themselves and for any children they have. It is an uncertain world- and anyone can be left in that position.

  34. I don’t think that there’s a clear definite answer, some girls are more matures than others.I also find disturbing the hypocrisy shown by westerners regarding young marriages when their own children are having extra marital relationships that lead to pregnancies.
    The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world.The Center for Disease control says that one-third of girls get pregnant before the age of 20., a site managed by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, states that there are “750,000 teen pregnancies annually. Eight in ten of these pregnancies are unintended and 81 percent are to unmarried teens.”

  35. @ Maryam while teenage pregnancy is definetely wrong we cannot compare it to being forcefully married off to some old child molesting pervert. I’m sorry!

  36. I think force is not the issue because forcefully whenever marriage done is wrong.Either in young age or old.In islam marriage is not accepted if girl or boy or any one of them do not agree its not acceptable.its very important that both agree.The issue we are talking here is young age marriage

  37. My 14 yr old may want to marry and live with a 18yr old and have kids willingly. In this day and age i would agree to that if only they can support themse;ves.. to me it’s not a question of if they are mature enough, it’s a question of if they are ready and capable of taking care of their and their offsprings needs …
    I can’s imagine a 14 yr old working and being capable of providing for themselves in this day and age.. hence to me it’s unacceptable.. but if there are parents there who would rather their daughter be married than self suffiecient .. hey more power to them.

  38. The topic is about young brides in Saudi Arabia. It’s not a comparison to other cultures, customs and nationalities.

    On Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 9:09 AM, American Bedu

  39. And still nobody wants to address the damage that can be done during childbirth to a young girl!

  40. Because dear the topic isnt young girls getting pregnant which in some cases I am sorry I am again saying in some societies isnt dependant on marriage. sometime young couples could go for child birth control thats the option too the topic as AB mention is above.

  41. @ Wendy, I’ll add to what I said above, because you are absolutely right. Girls should also be FULLY physically developed (not just have a period), with normal expectations of a safe pregnancy and delivery before marriage.

  42. @Sandy.
    The question is “How young is too young for marriage” Periods is a sign and that is the minimum age when too young is ready for marriage. She may or may not be able to manage further,is a separate issue which can be discussed.

  43. Sami you are so ignorant of a female body and mind it’s just sad.

  44. Sami,
    You are simply wrong. And you don’t know much about women’s bodies and the risks of childbearing on a young girl.
    You also don’t seem to know that a young girl with a period is generally not knowledgable or mature enough to even give informed consent to a marriagee- which is an Islamic requirement.

  45. It should be both when she completes at a minimum of high school perferrably college and when she alone determines that she is ready on her terms irregardless of what her family wants it is not their life nor can they live it for her. She alone must be allowed to determine her path.


    Islam is baloney just like other religions it is a lie meant to control and perpetuate hate based on people who believe in fairytales.

    Sin is a bogus notation so is modesty both meant as control words nothing more and designed to control the masses (especially women who are deemed as chattel) for the elite or those who have control in religous settings. All a lie for the sheep. Baa.

    Modesty is used as a control word like whore and slut and has the same purpose. All are bull shit words with intent to control for the religous hate mongers for suppression, oppression, pent up and psychological damaged religious who fail to read their texts which supports genocide, homicide, femocide, infanticide, slavery, brutuality, comformity, backwardness, etc.

  46. maryam:

    The United States is the most religious of the western industrialized countries and even today the religious are trying to stop measures for women on birth control, day after pill, condoms, etc. They actually have States that stop individuals who would teach all forms of avoidance of pregnancy and force abstience only. This fails always. Some of the most vocal are the Catholic/Mormon segment- which is geared at the hatred/control of women and the corrupt/changed/altered/hate fairytale BS dogma.

    The Catholic church has been one of the greatest impediments in African and has lead the way in keeping HIV/AIDS rampant in many countries due to their hate text and their dogma on the sacred sperm must be free BS. That particular religion and those who have supported it have millions of deaths and thousands of rapes on thier hand due to their texts. They have stood in the way of progress and humanity for centuries just like all the Abrahamic manmade altered hate texts. Islam is just like its corrupt foundation as big a lie and as big of a corruption build on the blood and death of millions to support suppression of women, racism, tribialism, slavery, and many more inhuman stances.

  47. Sami:

    By the way science has proven that a period is not the sign that a female body is ready for sex or a baby. It is just the start of the process and it takes 3 to 5 years for the body to finish that process after the period has begun until then it is dangerous. This is one reason why there were so many deaths of girls giving birth as they were not ready to; thus they died more often. It was not uncommon for people to plan for a funeral at the time of birth. This has a well documented history due to the well she start a period get her pregnant crap. Oops God of manmade text screwed up on the facts again. Who would have thought. BAAAAA

  48. […] Saudi Arabia: How Young is Too Young for Marriage? […]

  49. @Bigstick1
    Thank you for knowledge.

  50. @Sandy
    You may be correct but not to my knowledge. Thanks

  51. @Wendy
    I think you are ignorent because you were not married at young and too young age. SaD

  52. Eidul Adha has passed but there seem to be a BigSheep still loose here, baaa-ing all over the topic.

  53. Sami made an err in his comment but still according to Bigstick it is God’s mistake, from the text in the Quran, there was no mention about puberty and ready for sex. Can anyone be more ludacris?!

  54. We talk about morals or lack thereof, I think Courageous is one of the best movies for one to view about true values, ethics and morals. I love, among many parts, where an American Dad gives his teenage daughter a beautiful ring with the vow he will protect and cherish her and that she agrees to remain a virgin until she is married. There are so many other parts of the movie too that just make you feel so good when watching it.

    On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 8:46 PM, American Bedu

  55. Mrs. B:

    Read sura 65.4.


    Too bad she has to stay a virgin in order to get what many father’s will do for their daughters without such a promise. I for one will never offer a trinket to my daughter for something that once she is an adult has the right to determine for herself and as a father you should be protecting and cherishing her regardless of whether she is a virgin or not. I think I would dislike this movie as it offers up that women are judged by a hymen and only then do they deserve protection and to be cherish. It creates a sickness and it perpetuates further disregard for girls and women as their worth is tied to a piece of tissue and sexual suppression.

  56. Mrs. B:

    The written two-dimensional God doesn’t exist it is a story like harry potter. I can actually show you evidence that Harry Potter exists. I have video, I have text, I have artifacts, etc.

    If a being does exist it would have no use for religion and laugh at the followers for their naivety and delusionism. BAAAAAAAAAAA.

    Contemporary Muslims like to counter that Arabs treated women as camels prior to Muhammad. This is somewhat questionable, given that Muhammad’s first wife was a wealthy woman who owned property and ran a successful business prior to ever meeting him. She was even his boss… (Although we’re sure that changed after the marriage).

    NOTE: It is telling that Islam’s treatment of women can only be defended by contrasting it to an extremely primitive environment in which women were supposedly non-entities.

  57. @Bigstick,
    I disagree with you (obviously) about Islam being all made up- but I agree with you about that movie. I went and read up on it. It seems to document the journey of marginal to poor fathers who once they are Christian enough become good fathers. I think good and bad fathers can be found in every faith or no-faith.

    Carol sorry to say I don’t think a movie like that would make me feel good at all- but I am glad you like it. I would only feel preached at.

  58. Carol, I do not like that movement. I find it very creepy and once again a man controlling a female or females in his life. I cringe every time this comes up as being a good thing. Just reinforces the value placed on a body part which to me is really not healthy. Do they have the same thing for their sons??? No …. not good, not healthy.

  59. I think ya’ll would need to see the movie. It really does not judge like it sounds or how my words were interpreted.

  60. Carol, you may be right- but I went and read a lot of reviews. It doesn’t sound overtly judgemental – but preachy and indirectly judgemental. Or maybe it is a story that would speak to Christians but is too focused on that for others to relate too.

  61. Carol, I do not like the concept. I’ve seen lots of docs about this and actually have a co-worker who signed on for it at one point in her life. She then decided it was really creepy. Nobody, not even a father, should have that kind of control. The almighty virginity … lets praise that! Just brings it down to a whole new low.

  62. The youngest age to get married should be 18 years old NOTHING YOUNGER THAN THAT!

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