Saudi Arabia – Typical Driving Patterns

Saudi Arabia is known to be among one of the countries with high incident of road accidents.  It’s not only because of the way Saudis drive but also because of all the expatriates from all around the world who have differing driving customs and take to the Saudi roads too.

This video is one of the best I’ve seen for someone to experience what it would feel like to be in a vehicle with a typical aggressive Saudi driver.  The “beeping” tones you will hear at various points in the video are when the car is grossly exceeding the recommended highest speed.  Most Saudis have that feature disconnected shortly after buying a new vehicle, but this one has not…yet.


10 Responses

  1. And the problem with this is that its always the a**holes driving the car that survive and the innocent who are killed!

  2. O my goodness!!! The whole time I was watching I was yelling “O NOOO” The mom in me wanted to smack the crap out of that kid for being so reckless. If I was in a car with someone who drove like that I would drop dead of a heart attack, NO JOKE. Such a blatant disregard for human life!!!

  3. This guy is a terribly dangerous driver. He is lucky he is still alive.

  4. Idiots like these are the reason we work overtime in the ER…. These loonies come out of woodwork in droves especially during holidays

  5. There is a man still in prison in Pennsylvania today for such driving.
    Each morning, he blazed down our superhighways at extreme speed, weaving in and out of traffic. He had caused a few accidents over the months, then, one morning, he caused an 8 car pile-up that killed two people.
    He was rapidly caught after that and was convicted of two counts of homicide.
    Hydrogen and stupidity, the two most common elements on the planet. :/

  6. People always complain about bad Saudi drivers, but I think drivers are way worst in Tripoli Libya & then Cairo Egypt second. Here in Khobar at least they don’t speed as bad.

  7. The beeping noise is typically set by the manufacturer to come on at anywhere between 100-130 kph, which is roughly 55-75 mph. That’s not exactly “grossly exceeding” the speed limit, and it would come on regularly during a typical highway drive, even if you drove as safely and courteously as you would in the US or Europe. But you’re absolutely right, this behavior is unfortunately not uncommon.

  8. The beeping sound is typically set by the factory to come on at anywhere between 100 – 130 kph (55 – 75 mph). This isn’t really “grossly exceeding” the speed limit and in fact comes on quite regularly on a normal highway trip, even if you’re driving as safely and courteously as you would in the US or Europe. But you’re absolutely correct, the type of driving in this video is sadly common.

  9. I live in Saudi and believe me this is exactly what it is like. I am fearful everytime we are out driving–my husband is driving because I can’t!. All (okay “most”) of the cars in Jizan (the city I live in) are damaged from accidents. I am from Canada and have never experienced this type of driving before. We regularly see accidents or people driving the wrong way in a traffic circle or on the wrong side of a median (if there are too many cars on their side). Crazy, crazy, crazy. If it rains, which thank goodness it does not do often ALL rules of the road are out the window.

  10. I was biting my fingernails while watching this. And that’s exactly why I didn’t have nice nails while in Saudi. This reminds me of those early driving video games where you have to dodge cars.

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