Saudi Arabia: Please Vote for American Bedu

First, I want to take the time and sincerely thank everyone who follows American Bedu blog.  If it were not for regular readers I doubt I’d continue with the blog!  You, your feedback, comments and queries have made it worthwhile for me to strive to maintain daily blog posts (health permitting).

I’m honored and pleased to announce that the American Bedu blog has made it into the list of top expat blogs.  Although nominated in the past, American Bedu has never won.  Therefore I’d like to encourage readers that if you enjoy the blog, please take the time and vote.  Additionally, this link will also allow individuals to leave their own review of American Bedu blog too.

Again, thanks so much for the support over the years!

American Bedu blog – from September 2006 to present day!

3 Responses

  1. Thank you Carol for your wonderful blog. I thank you for helping all of us bridge the gap between our worlds!!! I hope all my American friends have a Happy Thanksgiving. Take the time to learn the real story behind the first Thanksgiving and the American experiment. We need to go back to those roots.

  2. I want to sincerely thank all the readers who took the time and wrote a review of American Bedu on the I am touched and humbled by the lovely words.

  3. Well done, Carol! I know how dedicated you have been with this forthright and helpful blog. You write wonderfully, too! Congratulations!
    Ps/ it is sure hard to figure out on this site if I have voted for you??? They need a button, saying “vote for …..” to make sure all your readers can register their vote!

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