Saudi Arabia: Now in Jeddah – Shisha Delivered to the Door


About two weeks ago I wrote how smoking shisha (aka as hubbly bubbly or hookah) had been banned from public places in Saudi Arabia.  Since then, some enterprising individuals in Jeddah found a work-around allowing them to stay in business and continue to service their shisha smoking clients.  Several former shisha cafes in Jeddah have now switched to where they will deliver the hookah, tobacco and hot coals directly to their clients homes.  While not cited by name, an official spokesman of Jeddah municipality contends that shisha home delivery service is unlawful.

But, it is really?  Shisha consumers can still purchase hookahs, flavored tobacco and coals in the Saudi markets.  These same consumers are also free to smoke in the confines of their private homes or estrahas (small farm).  While I am not an advocate for smoking of any kind, I would think that until smoking tobacco is outlawed completely, there is nothing wrong with a home delivery service for shisha.

Saudi Arabia is probably one of the most accommodating countries I have ever been to where almost any kind of products or consumables is delivered to the door.  Items routinely delivered range from Baskin and Robbins ice cream to groceries to the majority of restaurants and fast food chains.  In addition laundry and dry cleaning services are among services that a consumer does not need to leave their house.  Why should shisha be any different?


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