American Bedu: Please cast your vote and comments

American Bedu is both humbled and honored to be among the Expat Blogs nominated for a best blog.  Here is where you can see American Bedu’s nomination and add your own comments and star rating.  American Bedu also provided an interview to Expat Blogs and you can read it here. 

American Bedu received the email below as a reminder that the ability to vote for your favorite blog will soon close.  If you are new to American Bedu or have not taken the opportunity to vote and comment, I’d like to encourage you to do so.  It would mean a lot to me.        


bedu cartoon1 is pleased to announce that the Expat Blog Awards 2012 are nearly upon us! Gold, silver, bronze and honourable mention awards are being given to the top expat blogs from 04/12/12 – 19/12/12.

We are publishing the names of the winning blogs in your country group in just a few days (7th December). The deadline for “fan counts” is 10:00 GMT that day, with the awards announced within the following 12 hours (barring technical problems).

While the fan commenting system was initially set up to allow peer-voting to help determine the top expat blogs, it has in fact become so much more; a place where readers can express their appreciation for their favourite expat blogger. To date over 4,000 fans have done so! Feedback from some bloggers has been overwhelming, with many of you touched by the warm comments you have received. The number of fan comments left on your listing is important in deciding the final placings, and so if you haven’t mentioned your nomination to your readers, now is the time to act!

Thanks to those that have participated in our expat interviews! There will be an exclusive ExpatsBlog interview badge soon, so check the bottom of your interview for the code! If you haven’t had an interview yet and would like one, please get in touch.

The next expat contest will be in January, so check the contest page/Twitter for the latest update if you’re interested. This one will have several prizes totalling $1000!


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