Saudi Arabia: They Had All the Best of Intentions…

When an American is coming to visit his friend in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi is determined to show him the best of time.  Calling upon the assistance of his best friends, they plan an experience for the American showcasing Saudi’s traditional culture and customs.  They had all the best of intentions but with translation, a few things went awry….

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  1. I loved this video and after living in the Kingdom, could relate to this video so clearly!

    On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 4:19 PM, American Bedu

  2. I don’t know Arabic, so I didn’t really get it.

  3. Okie – were you able to see the sub-titles? I think the sub-titles help put it into its humorous perspective.

    On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 7:11 PM, American Bedu

  4. I read the subtitles too, but I didn’t get it. But life looks boring without females. Aren’t they all bored to death?

  5. AB:

    I did get it either. Maybe you could explain a little further.

  6. The only time I saw subtitles was when English was being used….and the subtitles were in Aabic. Other people see English?!

  7. When English is spoken there are Arabic subtitles and vice versa.

    Okay, the Saudi guy called on his best friends to help show his American friend the best of Saudi Arabia. They took him to the desert where they were supposed to go out into the desert and drive but when they arrived it was to discover a fence was now in place blocking entry. The Saudi who organized this called his friends who came and demonstrated ‘Saudi drifting’ to the American…but then they discovered the American was cute….fade out to next scene.

    The American is taken to a groom’s party. The Saudi’s decided to sing a traditional song. Not knowing the words but simply hearing the tune and the melody the American got teary-eyed. That switched to “let’s show the American one of our traditional dances. The American got knocked out during the dance. Then it flashes to other scenes with the American experiencing the hookah and ultimately dancing the same dance with a bandaged head. The next scene is the traditional ardha dance known throughout the Kingdom. Then nearing the end, the Saudis want to know how the American enjoyed his time and visit. He responds positively but expresses regret for not seeing or getting to know the Saudi woman. When the Saudis who do not speak English ask what the American said, the Saudi friend instead translates – he wants to be one of us. He wants to marry a Saudi woman. Given that there is a wedding the next day of one of the Saudi’s present and the father and imam also show up, the comment is misinterpreted and the Saudis are thrown in jail and the American leaves. Next scenes are the Saudis in jail starting to realize the perils of mistranslation and then the American online with a lovely Saudi woman while his wife or girlfriend walks in and wants to know what he is doing.

    On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 8:21 AM, American Bedu

  8. That was funny!

  9. thank you for blogging about this buddy , I’m Ali kalthami , the director of this show . I’m glad that the message went through 🙂


  10. Thanks for the fine work, Ali. It reminded me of some humorous misunderstandings and potential gaffes from when I was in Qatar.

    Such as explaining what spice I used in a lamb stew that my Saudi friend loved so much.
    The spice was sumac. Of course, a similar sounding word refers impolitely to a specific part of the female anatomy.
    Once that was cleared up on both sides of the language, we had a great laugh.

  11. Loved it. Sent it to all my Saudi friends. Hilarious! So much I have experienced in UAE and also with some of my College Saudi friends. I only wish the other clips this troupe has also have ENglish subs.

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