Saudi Arabia/USA: Students to Take Paternity Tests on Request


In a limited article published recently in Riyadh Connect is an announcement that Saudi students will be required to undergo a paternity (DNA) test if they are challenged as fathering a Saudi child out of wedlock.  According to Dr. Mohammad Al-Eisa, the Saudi cultural attaché in Washington, DC, students who refuse to take a DNA test could risk losing their government funded scholarship.

Thus far there have been no reports of enforcement of this ruling.  However, there have been a number of women who have come forward announcing that they are the single parent of a Saudi child in the United States.  The announcement in Riyadh Connect is a significant step forward for these children to gain recognition and benefits.



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  1. What’s the benefit/reason behind? any misuse?

  2. I’m speculating that it is due to the number of requests made to the Saudi Embassy by mothers of Saudi children left behind.

    On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 3:56 PM, American Bedu

  3. that’s great!

  4. I clicked on the Riyadh Connect link and it said “HACKED” across the top. Strange.

  5. @All
    Thats great and DNA is the safest and reliable source to recognise the parenthood of the child.
    Secondly it will be a warning to the couple to be careful to produce illegitimate children out of marriage.

  6. Thats awesome news, even if there’s no benefit, the students will act a bit restrained or atleast use protection to avoid the Shame in front of other saudi’s. plus it helps identification and the moms can get medical records of the dad if they are identified and their current addresses available.

  7. That’s odd about the ‘hacked’ comment on Riyadh connect!

  8. Like I said before, if women in the U.S were not so ‘easy’ this would not happen. All Saudi men come to this country to get laid and finish their career, if a woman gets pregnant is not the man’s fault, is hers!

  9. Like I said before, Saudi men have two things in their min when they come to the U.S, finish their career and ‘meet’ women. If the woman gets pregnant is not our responsibility, is hers!

  10. @Bassim, if that is really what you think, then perhaps you should change your last name to “Abu Kelb”.

  11. Bassim, your mind works just like all the other men in your country. It is all about sex, sex and more sex. You are not as righteous or religious as you claim to be as you have unprotected sex and get women pregnant in our country and then want to blame the woman. I think it takes two people to make a baby. I ended up with a Saudi baby and the father ran before he ever saw the baby, but another man took over to play daddy and was sad that I didn’t get pregnant when he was here. He still talks about it 27 years later. I never would of gotten pregnant with the second man’s child as I knew the consequences of having one child who’s father did not care for him. It is very unfair for the child to grow up not knowing his father. It is unfair that he must think that his father does not love him. It is unfair that the child does not get to meet his other brothers and sisters. It is simply unfair and I propose to any American who thinks they can get a Saudi with a child is totally wrong. It works in America but it does not work for the Saudi man.

  12. Penny, apparently Bassim never learnd one of the main tenants of his religion which is “niyah”. This means intention and it comes from the heart. Unfortunatley, his is a victim of modern Saudi society, where it doesn’t matter what is in ones heart or actions, it is the appearance given on the outside. As long as that is ok, then all is well. To me, that is a systematic destrucion of a conscience.

  13. The Saudi Embassy in USA is doing nothing to help the Saudi Children left behind… am personally stock in my own country paying $50 fee per day of Sami staying here illegal, and at the same time am not able to register him since his dad refused to sign the needs papers to register Sami in my own country 😦 Sad situation. I think these people just want to show the people “that they are doing something for us” but they are really not doing nothing.

  14. OF december 17

    Very true

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