Saudi Arabia: A New Arrival at Jarir

riyadh heart of arabia

Mohsen Al-Dajani is not a stranger to American Bedu.  American Bedu had the honor to first interview Mohsen back in 2009.  Although a careerist in Saudi’s Royal Air Force with the official rank of Lieutenant Colonel, his love and passion lie in photography.

Mohsen’s military career has allowed him to travel the Kingdom and wherever he goes, his camera is not far behind him.  Mohsen produced his first tabletop photo book in 2009 and titled, “Taif – Eden of Arabia.”

It further gives me the greatest pleasure to advise that Mohsen has also made a contribution to the American Bedu documentary with some of his photographs taken in Riyadh.

Now I am very pleased to announce that he has published yet another tabletop photo book, Riyadh, Heart of Arabia, which is available at Jarir bookstores.

American Bedu wishes Mohsen all the continued success with his photography.  His photos serve as a key bridge in uncovering the many secret treasures under the shifting sands of the Kingdom.


2 Responses

  1. Interesting !

  2. Thank you so much Carol for the announcement, I would like to add it is also available also at Lam Art Gallery in Riyadh. Your name is in the acknowledgment page by the way. 🙂

    Onward Amercian Bedu!

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