Saudi Arabia: The Saudi Woman Unveiled


In 2011 a male Bosnian Muslim photography was commissioned to travel to Saudi Arabia.  His project was to capture on film interviews and photos of Saudi Arabia.  This project was in part to dissolve any misperceptions that the Saudi woman did not have her own mind and point of views in addition to having opportunities.

The video is only 16 minutes in duration but worth watching through.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I either personally knew or at least had heard of all the women featured in the film.  I’m not surprised that these particular women were chosen for the film as they are known for their openness yet adherence to traditional cultures and customs.

What I would like to know is how does the video effect you?  What image does it leave you with Saudi woman?  Do you think the photographer achieved his goal of presenting the Saudi woman unveiled?



8 Responses

  1. Saudi Arabia is a new country and the women are finally able to come out and be productive in society without condemnation from the men. It seems the women are smarter as in educated then men, therefore the men may feel threatened as the men in the US feel. It is easy to see why men want their women covered in public as then it is only he and his family that can eyes laid upon her. They are beautiful women after all.

  2. Beautiful video and nice way of portraying women. It is the spiritual duty of every human being to uphold the right of women to be equal to men anywhere in the world.

  3. “These veils that we wear do not cover or obstruct our minds.”

    😀 yes!

  4. Real Saudi is exposed here by Saudi women themselves:

  5. There is a phrase that says: Anyone can say anything about something but it doesn’t necessarily means is true. I think some women are very content with their lives, and they can say anything they want in front of the cameras, but the truth is that in the KSA women have no rights, they cannot drive, and is always the males’s ultimate decision.

  6. That last video was made by a Dutch documentary maker, it’s very good, the complete video ”Saudi Solutions” is also available on you tube.

  7. I thought it was interesting when the lady talked about the rights they have taken back during King Abdullah’s reign. I’m glad the photographer mentioned that this is only what he saw (no doubt the women fixer guy made sure it was positive stuff) and not reality for all Saudi women. This was, what?, ten women at the most? I enjoyed the video, but wonder about those not so privileged and Shiite women in Saudi. What would they say for the Bosnian photographer? Just to get a fuller, truer perspective that side would be interesting to see as well.

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