Saudi Arabia: The Whose Who List of the Elite

rich saudis


Arabian Business recently published its top ten list of the Saudi Arabia “Rich List 2012.”


I’m sure for Kingdom watchers, the family names are not a surprise; nor is their net worth:

  1. Olayan family – US12.9 billion
  2. HRH Prince Alaweed bin Talal – US 26.6 billion
  3. Mohammed Al-Amoudi – US 11.5 billion
  4. The BinLaden family – US 8.1 billion
  5. Mohammed Jamjoom – US 3.6 billion
  6. Adel Aujan – US 3.42 billion
  7. The Zamil family – US 2.7 billion
  8. Mohammed Al-Issa – US 2.5 billion
  9. Saleh Kamel – US 2.19 billion
  10. Ayman Hariri – US 2.15 billion

The entire article is well worth reading in its entirety as it gives further background information on the families and their legacies.


5 Responses

  1. They are all connected to the ruling dynasty who happens to consider accountability and transparency un-Islamic and those who question the concept of stealing are Westernized deviants bent on destroying Islamic values and pure Arab supreme traditions.

  2. Who’s who…..

    Sorry…can’t help myself.

  3. chemo brain struck….

    On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 9:32 PM, American Bedu

  4. Yeah, I figured as much….but sometimes I just cannot NOT comment on a grammar flub without mental anguish. Hahahahahahaa

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