Saudi Arabia: Zahed Sultan Presents Tamtam


I have always enjoyed Zahed’s videos and it was with pleasure to learn that he is endorsing, Tamtam, a new artist.  American Bedu is pleased to share the latest video with readers of the blog and hope that you enjoy the video as much as I do.



Zahed Sultan Presents: tamtam – Little Girl

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Through his newly formed digital label, Mouse Music, Zahed Sultan presents an exceptional young talent, tamtam. In her debut single, Little Girl, tamtam demonstrates her mighty vocal abilities. The sincerity in her voice can be likened to the lushness of Adele infused with a hint of grit by the late Amy Winehouse, while the music is a modern interpretation of the iconic Motown sound.


“It’s such a positive feeling when you’re in a state of mind where nobody will judge you for being you. I’ve always enjoyed writing songs and music that express how I feel” says tamtam of her debut single.


On December 4th, tamtam gave her fans a sneak listen to “Little Girl” on SoundCloud. Achieving 1000+ likesin 7 days on Facebook, tamtam then unlocked her debut music video for “Little Girl” on December 13th 2012 on YouTube.


Once tamtam reaches 10,000 views for her music video, she’ll be selecting one lucky winner for a special prize. Be that lucky winner by commenting on her music video and liking it today!


Little Girlis written by tamtam and produced by Zahed Sultan.


About The Artist


tamtam is a young lyricist and singer of mixed heritage.tamtamdraws upon personal experiences to tell passionate and relatable stories for listeners, while leaving her songs open to interpretation. tamtamhas been most influenced by Michael Jackson’s showmanship when performing live. Onstage, tamtam truly comes into-her-own.


•           Website:

•           iTunes:


Contact Information


Tel.  +965 2252 4614

Fax. +965 2252 4615



2 Responses

  1. Like her voice and style very much, Carol!

  2. Hi baby Reem i luv ur voice , keep it up , video is great and interesting 👍😍 Rafa M

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