Saudi Arabia: For the People, By the People

for the people

For the People, By the People is a collection of stories from Muslim people and about human lives collected and edited by author Sabah Hadi.  In addition to this book having a wide and varied collection of stories from men and women of the Muslim faith, it also has an extensive glossary which explains the meanings of many of the Muslim or Islamic terms referred to within individual stories.

Sabah chose to undertake this collection of stories for several reasons but especially because all too often the articles which are covered by the Media pertaining to Muslims or Islams are generally of a negative context.  Her goal is to share with the world that people are basically people the world over regardless of their chosen faith.

In Sabah’s own words, “In this book you will find stories of writers who have presented us with their slices of life. Some have written of their hopes, their dreams, some lament over their conditions, some speak of a better world. You will be surprised to know that Hijabs, terror, beard and oppression are not the things that occupy the lives of Muslims across the world.

The writers come from a vast spectrum of careers. There is a professor, a teacher, a doctor, an engineer, a journalist, a chaplain, a therapist, a lawyer, a mental health therapist, a charity worker, a student and they come from various parts of the world.  Each one of them has memories to share and to reflect upon.

The stories in ‘For the People, By the People’ are from Muslims from different countries. Call them mini memoirs, mini- biographies or emotional stories; they shine with the writers’ pride of belonging to their origins as well as to their chosen faith. There is a young man who wonders ‘’ How is a Muslim supposed to look like?’’. There is another who writes of her disappointments at the India she is losing everyday to intolerance and bigotry.

‘For the People, By the People’ offers touching recollections of all-American lives, of immigrant experiences, stories that invoke a sense of belonging, poignant accounts of the great big question of our lives, writings that explore the quest to be free and to hope and stories that reflect on life’s grim realities.

These are stories of ordinary people who live life like everybody else, who have observed closely the various shades of our existence and are willing to let us into their lives. You don’t need knowledge or understanding of the worlds that these writers have presented in their writings. You only need to come with a free mind, a mind that holds no prior notions, no preconceived thoughts. A clean slate. A human soul. And then the journey begins.”


Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of “For the People, By the People” may order it through


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  1. Thank you!

  2. Terima Kasih!!!!

  3. You describe the book so Beautiful that its a must read for any one want to peek into Muslims Life as a common person .. Thanks for the review

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