Saudi Arabia/World: It’s Christmas!

joy of christmas


American Bedu takes joy in wishing Christmas Blessings today to all those who celebrate and recognize the birth of Jesus Christ.  May this day be filled with joy, laughter and rich in the love of family.


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  1. I hope your Christmas was wonderful!

  2. Carol,

    Merry Krismas Dan Happy New Year!



  3. @Carol
    Mery xmas and happy new year.

  4. @All
    Muslim scholars celebrate Xmass in september.

  5. Actually Xmas is not the time of birth of Jesus as his birth was somewhere in summer. Xmas is a pagan celebration and custom. Muslims recognise the miraclous birth of Jesus and respect and honor him as true prophet of God.

  6. Based on historical accounts, Sarah is correct.

  7. no you are all rong

  8. What ”historical records”???

    There are no historical records about Jesus’ birth. Actually there is no historical records at all about even the existence of a person called ”Jesus”.
    The four gospels contradict each other, the people and events mentioned in the gospels did not happen at the time, or did not happen at all.

    The absence of any historical records is actually strange as the Romans were known for their obsession for writing these ”historical records”.
    If you want to base your convictions on ”historical records” alone, you can only come to the conclusion that Jesus never existed.

    Can either one of you tell me which ”historic records” you are speaking of?

    Why don’t we just say, ”Merry Christmas, and joy to the world”
    Without arguing about fictional characters?
    So everybody: Merry Christmas!

  9. “Muslim scholars celebrate Xmas in september.”
    Now that is a hoot.

    “Xmas is a pagan celebration and custom”
    Christmas is not a pagan celebration. Its roots may come from a pagan practice (as does the haj by the way), but today it is a holiday celebrated in many countries.

  10. Christmas stems from pagan celebrations just like the haj.

    This is winter solstice to me.


  11. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! Happy Holiday(s) to all! 🙂

    I’ve actually heard that some Muslims also celebrate Christmas alongside Christians- in December.

  12. (or belated merry Christmas I guess I should say). Now, I guess it’s on to the “Western” New Year, so happy early New Year! 😛

  13. Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year to You.

  14. People who say that hajj has pagan roots are mistaken. It is other way round actually. Hajj rituals which include tawaf, were not established by the final Prophet Muhammad (saas).Abraham and Ismail, many years before him rebuilt the Kaaba. In due time, this structure came to be the object of idol worship and pagan rites were gradually established. It was Prophet Muhammad who purifed the Kaaba.Abraham and Ismail were themselves ordered to purify it from all traces of idol worship.
    Some of the rites such as sai between Safa and Marwah and animal sacrifice are in commemoration of acutal events.

  15. Sarah you are so wrong: Mecca was a cult center for centuries before and started with a mother goddess cult, black stones are dedicated to the great goddess all over the world. The Kaaba used to be guarded by seven priestesses, and at the time of the prophet the main goddesses worshipped there were Al-Uzza, Al-Manat, and Allat.

    Everything Muslimn do now were pagan practises: the circling of the kaaba, the throwing of stones at the devil, the only thing which changed is not doing it naked anymore.
    When Mohammed came along the Muslims kept doing the same thing and when Mohammed came into power he banned everybody except Muslims from doing the Kaaba-thing.
    Very disrespectful of him. And very intolerant.
    He also send out his men to destroy all other kaaba’s in his reach so he could make more money out of the only left over kaaba in Mecca.

  16. Sarah and Aafke. I was under the impression that Abraham and Ismail built the Kaaba. I also understand the rituals of hajj to be a re-inactment (in some cases) of the Abrahamic story. For example, the running between Safaa and Marwa as Hajjar desperate to find water for her son, and then the miraculous apperance of water (well of zamzam) and then the stoning of the devil, as according to the Islamic interpretation, it was Ismail who was to be sacrificed, and the devil tempted Abraham by saying, ;no, you don’t have to.” Thus Abraham threw stones at the devil. And then at the end of hajj, it is the feast of the sacrifice, where the ram went in place of Ismail.
    This is my understanding. I thought the pagan rituals came after the original establishment of the Kaaba, and then Muhammed restored it to worship of the one God.
    Aafke, can you enlighten me on your views?

  17. Yes Kristine, you are right and that is why I said above “Some of the rites such as sai between Safa and Marwah and animal sacrifice are in commemoration of acutal events”. Kaaba was built based on Bait Al Ma’amoor. Ibrahim and Ismail rebuilt it and later on it was polluted with idol worshippers.

    Frankly I don’t know where Aafke gets her stuff.

  18. Kristine:

    Well given the fact that historians show the source documenations of Abraham and family didn’t even live in the area or had any previous inclination of going to the area I would say that the story is fake. Next given that most historians and scholars considered the story of Abraham to be allegory in nature I would also have to go with the concept of fairytale.

    Maybe studying some outside sources beyond the fairytale text might help you as many who are archologists, scholars and historians consider many of the tales of the bible and prophets to be allegorical in nature that would possibly help you put things in a better light.

  19. Bigstick, I am not speaking about my personal beliefs. Just from what I understand of the Islamic view of the story. Also, if Hajjar was running and searching for water, wouldn’t that story lend itself to the idea that Mecca was uninhabited at that time?

  20. Kristine:

    It certainly is a thought and if uninhabitable why build anything or dedicated anything? I believe Patricia Crone actually has a book out that states this but later retracted to some degree due to pressure of academic funding and religous pressure.

  21. @ Sarah
    You are right.
    Edited, no personal attacks please

  22. Stangely many ancient gods were born on 25th December from virgin mothers. One of them is Horus the sun god whose virgin mother was Isis. He was also crucified.

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