Saudi Arabia: They Do Not Deserve the Title of Cleric

seeing red

Finally I have read data that has literally made me see red.  A group of Saudi clerics…yes, I repeat, clerics, who consider themselves among the finest representatives of Islam, gave an ultimatum to the Saudi Minister of Labor , Adel Fakieh.  These clerics are strongly against women in the workforce.  So, the ultimatum they delivered to Minister Fakieh was that he either stop allowing women to work in retail or they are going to collectively pray that God gives him cancer.

As an active cancer warrior who has been battling stage IV cancer since 2008 and lost my dear Saudi husband to the dreaded disease in 2010 I have a very strong reaction to the idiocy and hypocrisy of these so-called men of faith.  I would never wish cancer or any kind of disease upon an enemy or anyone for that matter.

How can these so-called clerics maintain any semblance of creditability when they publicly declare such sentiments?  Where is the Islam of peace, tolerance, forgiveness and kindness?  It clearly does not seem to be practiced or preached by these group of clerics.

The Minister responded to the clerics saying he would only ban women from retail jobs if ordered by the courts to do so.  My question is who does one complain to in order to get such callous and insensitive men who dare to call themselves clerics removed?

If you are a Saudi, do you want Islamic clerics speaking like this?


7 Responses

  1. There’s idiots everywhere and in every religion . A priest once said he would be praying for Berlusconi heart attack. As an ex catholic I know Catholicism is not like that .
    Each one is entitled to give his/her view of Islam, as words can be interpreted . You gave yours some time ago, which in my view is completely biased . So also the clerics, provided those news are true, cause I see it only from the usual source giving a certain view of ksa , can have their wrong perceptions 🙂

  2. I would imagine they are okay with it as they are still beheading witches and asking for tweeters to be killed and have jailed for having a conversation with a dead prophet or questioning Islam. In fact this is actually minor problem when compared to what I have already provided that Saudi’s support.

  3. Don’t worry, Carol. People don’t get cancer from a group of shamans who think they can do magic.
    This is the most unrealistic ”threat” of all times.
    What a bunch of pathetic losers! It’s a sign of things moving forward if the only card they have left to play is the threat of doing some silly magic!

  4. Agreed with rest. When any person practice just the ritual and Islam is there just appearance but inside they are old selves so this happens and ‘ll happen.

  5. The way Saudi clerics decide that women must be controlled and not men who cannot control their lust is worse than silly, it is dangerous in a male run conservative country like KSA

    Of course these religious idiots cannot give anyone cancer. Still, isn’t this kind of prayer be considered a form of witchcraft? Or is witchcraft only something done by powerless foreigners? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. They might just end up with Cancer themselves, who knows? Allah knows best!

  7. […] Arabia has made some forward progress on rights for women.  Although some religious clerics continue to challenge the law which allows women to work as sales clerks, this is a significant […]

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