Saudi Arabia: Example of Breast Cancer Awareness and Proactiveness in Riyadh

As an  active cancer warrior whose own journey with breast cancer began in Riyadh, I continue to take a keen interest on what developments are taking place throughout the Kingdom to spread further awareness of breast cancer, its impact on the patient and family and the importance to be proactive.


Earlier this week in Riyadh, the Ministry of Health took a proactive stance on bringing Breast Cancer Awareness into Granada Mall.  In addition to the display inside of the mall, there was also a mobile unit where women could get mammograms.


Friends of mine, the Gomaas, in Riyadh took photos of the event and Amber Stone kindly  provided some subtitles and translations.



Get checked….and tell your loved ones



Now is the time
Get regular check ups



See your doctor if you have any of these:
lump, thickened tissue, change in appearance of breast (color, shape, size), change in nipple (pain, itch, discharge, size, inversion)
mass under arm
**Don’t worry unnecessarily – any of these symptoms can be due to other conditions, but it’s best to see a doctor to be sure

granada 6

Risk Factors:
Over age 40, early puberty (younger than 12), late menopause (older than 55), overweight, no children, having children after age 30, did not breastfeed, sedentary lifestyle, smoker, family history of breast cancer, close relative with breast cancer (esp. mother, sister, daughter, aunt)  previously had breast cancer
To Decrease Your Risk:
30 min. exercise per day, maintain healthy weight, eat fruits and vegetables, breast feed your children, don’t smoke, get regular checks from your doctor including mammograms

granada 10

To Get a Mammogram:
Make an appointment
Visit the clinic or go to mobile unit and get mammogram
Get results.
If necessary, visit King Fahd Clinic in Medical City for more tests

I also encourage women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and family members concerned about their loved one to speak out and share their feelings.  Do not be reticent and hold the feelings in.  Part of the battle and to help hasten the healing is being proactive about the disease.  I am happy to support and respond to queries from anyone who has cancer touching their lives, whether it be breast cancer as my own, leukemia which took the life of my Saudi husband or any other type of cancer.  You can email me directly at


5 Responses

  1. Dear Carol, It is wonderful that there is a push for awarness and not to be embarassed by these tests. As a suvivor of 18 years as, of April fools day, who is still undergoing treatment every three weeks I can tell anyone who thinks they cannot survive it is not so. Live till the next best treatment comes along and do not fear the unknown. Know in your heart the you will live the best life you can for as long as you can, and never let Cancer win, mentally or physically. My best to all those who are fighting Cancer no matter where is is on you body.

  2. Does anybody know if a foreigner woman living in saudi arabia can benefit from this program (have a free mammography and a full exam of her breast) or is it only for Saudis?
    I am asking because saudi public hospitals are only reserved for Saudis.
    so what about those of women who living in saudi arabia without Health care insurance?

  3. My wife has lived here in KSA for two years but our insurance doesn’t seem to allow for cancer screening. The doctors don’t seem to share her concern about getting a mammogram even though she is in her upper fifties. We are in a more provincial area and the doctors we see don’t have the same training on the US.

  4. Have her contact Zahra Breast Cancer association in Riyadh and they can help direct her to a place in your local area where she can get screened. However, if your insurance does not cover, you may be self-pay.

    On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 4:49 AM, American Bedu

  5. breast cancer is a monster
    alas I lost my mom last year

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