Saudi Arabia: What NOT To Do in the Masjid

Although portrayed in a humorous vein, there is much truth to this youtube video:


The video reminds me a little bit of an experience a Saudi had shared with me several years ago on the distinctions between the mosque and a church.  This Saudi was not trying to be disrespectful in any way but simply shared his honest and forthright observations.


6 Responses

  1. Oh God I laughed so hard until my toddler laughed as well. I love the part when the Smelly brother came to pray and they splash perfume all over him.And the Gossip Girls are hilarious! These brothers are funny¡¡

  2. That was so funny, Loved it!

  3. What’s you favorite part Sarah?

  4. Actually I loved all of it. The brothers are good in acting and they very funny. I especially like the gossiping girls! looool

  5. I really enjoyed this great satirical video. One important thing that got left out of what NOT to do in a mosque was relegating of women to the back of the mosque or to the back of the bus, so to speak.

    My family and I worked and lived in Indonesia for over ten years. Few times, our gracious hosts took us to the friday prayer services. Area where men prayed was well-lit and well-ventilated, good sound system, carpet flooring and what have you. My wife was of course relegated to a walled-off area separate from men’s entrance. She said that there was standing water, no carpeting, stinky smells, no sound system, etc. Women couldn’t hear the sermon nor any other announcements.

    I have read that more and more mosques in US and Canada don’t segregate men and women during friday and other prayers. They have men on one side of the aisle and women on the other side. This is great progress for muslim women in US/Canada, at least.

  6. Hmm myronleonard, that is strange how the mosque in Indonesia is not catering well to its female guests as here in Malaysia, most mosque I’ve been to have prepared comfortable praying areas for the ladies. I have no qualms with the different praying area as sometimes I would want to breastfeed my baby or take off my hijab and if there were men present it would pose a problem for most of us. I can listen to the sermon clearly while my baby feeds in comfort.As well as changing my normal clothes to my praying clothes, would never dream of doing that in front of strange men. Segregation in these instances are good and done to accommodate the womenfolk and encourage us to visit the house of God.

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