Saudi Arabia: Value of Outpost Services in Saudi Arabia

It can be both frustrating and challenging to acquire items from the United States or other parts of the world in Saudi Arabia.  Shipping options are few and most often, very expensive.  Some places will not even ship unless it is to a USA address.  Therefore, American Bedu is pleased to introduce residents in Saudi Arabia to Outpost Services.  The following post typifies how a service such as Outpost makes a difference and can easily bring a ‘taste of home’ to the Kingdom….



My family and I are currently living in Riyadh due to my husband’s career, and are renting an apartment in the city. As with most households, our morning coffee is essential to us for us to get moving in the morning. I know that Dr. Café is really popular with my husband’s colleagues, but we both are ardent Starbucks fans. Often with the commute, stopping in at one of the local Starbucks is not always feasible. My husband had heard some great reviews from close friends back home about the new coffee maker that Starbucks has come out with which is a sleek machine similar to the Keurig. We had a generous gift card from Bon Ton, and so decided to splurge and purchase our dream coffee maker, Starbucks Verismo 585 Brewing System with us paying the difference on our visa card.  Starbucks Verismo (1)

Unfortunately, Bon Ton doesn’t offer international shipping! Set on getting the most bang for our buck, we looked for a company that would forward our coffee maker to us. A friend of ours recommended using Outpost SVC, a parcel-forwarding company that offers to ship customer purchases internationally using their local address from stores that while living in Saudi we normally wouldn’t be able to shop from.

Their rates are competitive compared to many other parcel forwarders, so we signed up right away.  We used the Houston, TX address they provided to us as the delivery address of our coffee maker.  Any anxiousness we may have had was quickly absolved, when Outpost automatically updated our member profile with the fact that they receive the coffee maker at their location.  Not only that, but they also provided a picture of the goods, so that we weren’t worried that the order was inaccurate – which is great, since we’ve had to return in the past which could be a hassle!

Being the coffee connoisseur that he is, my husband also wanted to get some of his local coffee brand that he hadn’t had since we’ve moved to Riyadh two years ago. They do not have a website to purchase from – so using Outpost SVC’s personal shopping service, all my husband had to do was send in a personal shopping request with the details of the store and the name and details of the coffee blend that he wanted.  A personal shopper went to pick up the coffee at a location right in Houston within 24 hours of his submission.

The best part was that they offered to put our two purchases in the same box using their consolidation service, so that we could receive the coffee maker and our coffee blend in one box. We didn’t have to track more than one package, and more importantly, we saved on the international shipping costs. We chose DHL as the carrier, but Outpost offers other couriers if you are interested. Everything arrived in perfect condition in only a couple days, so overall, we were very satisfied as first-time users, and would definitely use Outpost SVC again and want to recommend their services for anyone who is doing online shopping, as in addition to shopping from the US, you can also shop in China, Russia, Europe and the UK and they will forward your purchases to you.

As readers of this blog, Outpost has graciously offered that any readers of [blog name] who register, by using the reference code: OUTPOSTSAUDI, you will receive $5 off you first shipment. You can visit their site here:

Happy shopping! Thanks to Outpost, I’m off to enjoy a Starbucks Espresso made in my kitchen J


2 Responses

  1. This is great news! Thanks for the recommendation. There are a couple of things I’ve been wanting to order, but have not worked up the nerve to do it.

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation.. You may want to fix [blog name] with something like [AmericanBedu] . It’s clear that you’ve forgotten to fill out the template

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