Saudi Arabia: The Latest Spin on Drifting


Saudi drifting has been a culture of Saudi youth ever since there have been cars in Saudi Arabia.  However, the latest incident is Saudi youth stopping and for a short period, hijacking the car of a laborer and using it to drift for a few moments while the (expatriate) laborer watches by helplessly.

In the most recent incident, the youth enjoyed this dubious pastime for four hours before getting bored and moving on.  With all the folks who have cell phones, I find it highly suspicious that no police or other security forces came to investigate what these young males were doing just outside of downtown  Riyadh for a four hour period.

Here is the video from the incident described above:


Here is another Saudi drifting video and in this incident the 17 year old Saudi driver died:


These young men definitely need alternative forms of entertainment for them in the Kingdom.


6 Responses

  1. @All
    Actually KSA has left with no money to introduce new entertaiments for youg men. All moneys are used by USA for wars out of ksa, I think.

  2. This is just cruelty. It is bad enough that foreign laborers are badly paid, this is worse. I assume all these young men are well schooled in Islam, one wonders the value of all this religious education if the men are such petty sadists.

  3. Jerry M:

    There religious education entails that non-muslims are subhuman, women are subhuman, jews are monkeys and how to cut off hands and feet, eye for eye, witches still exists and other types of supersitition, blasphamy by individuals and apostates must be killed, etc.

    They also teach by rote memorization which precludes crticial thinking skills thus they tend to limit the flexibility and adaptation in the work force.

    This is the value of their religious education.

  4. It reminds me the incident at Panorama mall where a Saudi man got beaten up by some young guys for defending his american wife. People just watched and didn’t even try to call police. This boys are just bored I guess.

  5. Alternative forms of entertainment is not enough to put a stop to the drifting culture. Here in the States, they have so much freedom to do so many things, go so many places, and talk to anyone they want…..and they still get together to go drifting.

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