Saudi Arabia/Pakistan/Iraq/Afghanistan: Inside a School for Suicide Bombers

Sharmeen-Obaid-Chinoy-Oscar    Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is an Emmy and Oscar award-winning Pakistani-Canadian journalist and documentary filmmaker.  She was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan.  She has produced a variety of documentaries about the Muslim world to include one on Women in the Kingdom.

Having been raised in Pakistan, she also understands too well the mindset of Pakistan’s Taliban and the tactics they use to recruit young boys as suicide bombers.

She recently gave a presentation on TED about her documentary, “Pakistan’s Taliban Generation/Children of the Taliban.”  In this video, Sharmeen provides her audience with a disturbingly candid view of how the Taliban recruits boys as young as five years old and prepares them to become suicide bombers.

Sharmeen does not speak with any Taliban but it’s not necessary.  The young boys are not afraid to talk to her on camera and share their desire to become the next martyr in the War against the Infidel.  boys in taliban school

According to Sharmeen, the Taliban has constructed a simply yet highly effective modus operandi that works well for the recruitment and complete brainwashing of young boys.  She highlights several key factors critical to the Taliban’s success:

  • The Taliban prey on large poor families
  • They promise food and shelter for the boy they have taken from the family
  • Once the family agrees, they ship the children to their own schools
  • They teach the children their version of the Quran
  • The children are forbidden from books or radio not prescribed by Taliban teachers
  • The Taliban create a total black out of any other source of information to the boys
  • They teach the children to hate world they live in.  The young boys are beaten and do not play any games.
  • The boys are virtual prisoners
  • Older Taliban fighters talk about glories of martyrdom to boys
  • The boys are told and come to believe they will become heros through martydom
  • The Taliban use videos with images of men, women,  and children dying in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  They are told that the Western powers do not care about these deaths
  • This is effectively their only way to glorify Islam by being  a suicide bomber

Yet watching the portions of the documentary which Shareen has shared during her TED presentation, it seems that the young suicide bombers have killed and injured more of their own countrymen than infidels.

Shameen concluded her TED presentation with an excellent question, “If you grew up in these circumstances (of Taliban influence) faced with these choices, would you choose to live in this world or in the glorious afterlife?”

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11 Responses

  1. Reading stuff like this makes me feel a little bit sorry for the Taliban and how the children have been preyed upon by evil people and an evil system.

  2. What a sad story. I can imagine the attraction of promised virgins (I think any female would do though) for pubescent boys in a sex starved environment.

  3. “The Taliban use videos with images of men, women, and children dying in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are told that the Western powers do not care about these deaths”

    While Taliban is destroying society, People need to ponder and discuss about these bigger threats, how and who created Taliban, who funded Taliban – it was CIA & peaceful US. Do your home work too.

  4. I’ll watch her talk. I watch Ted all the time and wish I had time to watch them all.

  5. It captivated me, Wendy.

    On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 1:04 PM, American Bedu

  6. Just watched her talk. I didn’t learn anything I did not already know but it’s great that she got the chance to speak on TED. As an avid Al Jazeera watcher I have seen more than a few documentaries on how these kids are brainwashed. This kind of brainwashing happens not only with the Taliban and Islam.

    What I found most interesting was reading all the comments and views on her talk!

  7. I agree, Wendy. I was surprised by how candidly the students spoke with her.

    On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 3:07 PM, American Bedu

  8. Azad,

    Both afghan and iraq wars were duly authorized by US Congress (representing the American people) in the form of “Declaration of War” resolutions. Of course, like in any war, there is collateral damage; especially when enemy hides behind civilians in hospitals, mosques, schools, etc. And uses innocent civilians and childen as human shields.

    You are correct in that taliban were created by CIA and Pakistanis to fight the godless communists. After Russians departed, pakistani spy agency took over and used Taliban to take over in Afghanistan
    and also to create havoc in US, India, UK, Spain and other perceived godless ideologies.

  9. myronleonard2013,

    Do u think that had the geographical locations of Pak and US exchanged (If US located adjacent to Afghanistan and Pak located in America) would US still had created Taliban & fundedf? Pakistan is nothing but a puppet of US. Please note that Russia is much more human than US who want to control entire world and interfere in other’s matters.

    And who was the enemy in Iraq hiding behind civilians?

    All credit goes to US and its blood thirsty policies. Have a look, dont surprise if these kids are used by Talibans or they themselves become suicide bombers;

  10. Folks,

    If this post is going to go off thread then take the discussion to the debate. It is NOT about the creation of the Taliban but the children whom the Taliban have groomed and molded to become suicide bombers.

    On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 4:28 PM, American Bedu

  11. She is a puppet of the West.

    Trust me the biggest and worst brain washing starts in the Western schooling system. I myself was forced to believe that “evolution theory” is a fact, and it is no longer an opinion, they teach you as if it is the root and backbone of all sciences. How about if I disagree? No option I guess, if I want to pass my exams I must answer according to “them”.

    Lol NOT teaching Western version of Qur’an does not make one a terrorist. Lets be open minded here please.

    They use videos of Iraq, Pakistan, & Afghanistan. Why Not? Your video games portray Muslims as terrorists, you have missions to kill “enemies” in Iraq, Afghanistan, & other Muslim countries.
    And those videos are a FACT. It is their history, It has their families, It has their LIFE that you want to take and inject your own version of one, claiming that their “life” is not a life, claiming that their “FUN” is not fun.

    It is sad, how you call them narrow-minded yet fall in the same shoes and ignore what you have done to them, and what you are doing to them. Put yourself in their place and look at yourself.

    “They come, they bomb, & they leave” is what comes to my mind when I put myself in their place.

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