Saudi Arabia: It All Comes Down to Ethics and Professionalism


American Bedu is very pleased to read of stricter regulations on copyright violations in addition to consideration of greater opportunities for Saudi women.

Earlier this week an article appeared in Arab News which advised of the Ministry of Culture and Information placing a travel ban on 35 businessmen for violating copyright laws and then failing to pay fines imposed by the Ministry.

The Ministry has also received 870 complaints of copyright violations and has blocked 65 websites in 2012.  This is an excellent step forward that clearly indicates that the Ministry is actively viewing websites and responding to complaints of copyright violation.

copyright thief

What exactly is a copyright violation, the uninitiated and naïve may ask?  According to Wikipedia, a copyright violation or copyright infringement is the unauthorized use of works under copyright such as the right to reproduce, display, distribute without having received permission from the owner of the original material.  American Bedu and several other well known Saudi bloggers experienced having their individual blogs rape and pillaged as an unscrupulous blogger freely chose their original material to repost on another blog.  In fact, material from American Bedu and these other blogs has continued to reappear on a new blog that this blogger created after receiving pressure to close down the original blog which was full of stolen and copyrighted material.

This blogger is a female Muslim expatriate who holds a responsible position as an ER pharmacist at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh.


Yet, it is disconcerting to know that this “professional” has demonstrated not only a lack of judgment in regards to copyright violations, but also a lack of discretion on what is appropriate subject matter to openly discuss on her blog.

A pharmacist holds a position where privacy and confidentiality is expected.  Yet she has written posts on her blogs about serving specific patients.  Anyone who has spent any significant time in Saudi Arabia can easily identify the families of whom she has written about on her blog.  She also chose to discuss haram (prohibited) content on her blog such as Saudi female patients who have come to see her for treatment due to intimate encounters, whether they were married yet or not.


Her lack of judgment does not speak well for her, the position she holds at King Faisal Specialist hospital or  for the patients who have (mis)placed their trust in her.

Therefore, I am very pleased to learn that Saudi women will soon have additional opportunities to work as pharmacists at commercial pharmacies.  Such opportunities open up more viable employment opportunities for Saudi women and make a significant contribution to the Saudiazation of the work force.  It is further hoped that more positions will open up for female Saudi pharmacists in public and governmental hospitals and clinics too.  These pharmacies are already separated by gender with separate areas for male and female patients. Another thing too, one can count on Saudi women for their discretion.  They are unlikely to share with the world any sensitive details about the female customers or their families who are serviced.


15 Responses

  1. Waw, Carol! Is februari ”Scrapper week”???

  2. ‘fraid so!

    On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 4:10 PM, American Bedu

  3. Right or wrong I think it’s a rather radical thought that she should not be allowed to remain in the almighty KSA. We already know how special (roll-eyes) the country is. Can you imagine suggesting that someone in the USA who is a little short on discretion should be asked to leave? The country would empty pretty darn quick!

  4. On reading a couple of her posts I don’t find anything wrong. The one you highlighted regarding lack of sexual knowledge and anal sex was a good post. Nobody was mentioned by name and she pointed out a very real and serious problem. Can you tell me what is really wrong with that?

  5. She’s in a very responsible position and representing herself as a pious Muslim woman…then she has a post which talks about ‘Naked Under the Abaya’ with a photo of herself? Not too smart, if you ask me.

    Actually she did have a post naming a specific family but I decided not to link that since no need to spread her lack of discretion’s.

    Bottom line, if you are in a position where confidentiality is expected, you do not cross that barrier and especially via global social media forums which include blogs.

    No matter what she has deleted, those posts, comments and photos are still out there lingering in cyberspace.

    I would not have wanted someone like her having any kind of access or knowledge of my medical records…. my personal view.

  6. AB:

    Did you try to contact her and advise her of the violation and indiscretion and the problems associated with it?

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  8. I’m not going to air all the details but suffice to say it has been an ongoing saga.

  9. AB:

    I dont’ blame you for not airing the details. I actually had a bit of a concern for the person just on what you have aired here so there in lied my concern on whether she had been contacted.

  10. I don’t think it’s appropriate for individuals in medical positions to leak confidential information about their clients. If the person was in the US, they’d most likely go to court for breaking the law and client confidentiality laws. I don’t see why such a person should remain in any country on an employment visa when they have deliberately broken client-confidentiality laws/customs ESPECIALLY as it pertains to the medical field. This is especially inappropriate when dealing with women’s health in a country like KSA where this could have a huge negative impact on the woman and her family’s honor, status, etc.

  11. IF names are named it’s problem. If case histories are cited to help people it’s not a problem.

  12. rape and pillaged? With all due respect, but that is way way too dramatic! While I in no way shape or form, support plagiarism, to use the term rape and pillage is a disrespect to people, and nations that are truly being raped and pillaged. Let’s not lessen the severity and the true nature of what that word means by using it in relation to this matter. It really strikes me as rather ironic when we can separate the realm of first world countries compared to that of 3rd world countries, by the matters that strike us. If you were to share this with someone who was raped or lived in a country that is being pillaged, how they would wish to be in this situation! Again I am not condoning this behavior, but let’s be a little more sensitive and humble in our writing.

  13. Hi Carol, are you familiar with the blog “Plagarism Today?”
    It may be useful to you.

  14. I know which blog you are talking about, this woman is a menace, she had another blog with the same content, everything stolen from other blogs and amended a bit to make it look as if she wrote/experienced these articles herself, meanwhile trying to cash in on the advertisements.
    The quintessential scrapper site, and it was closed down after a successful DMCA complaint by Layla from Blue Abaya.
    This blog is basically the same. all the content from the old blog re-published on the new one with extra’s added.

    This woman is a menace, and seems to have some serious mental problems. She makes up a fantasy world for herself and attacks anybody who tries to prick her make-believe-bubble, but adds to that the business sense of trying to get money out of people.

    I would certainly not want her to make up my prescription drugs, not for her habit of stealing articles, and making money of other people’s hard work, but I really think she is unbalanced in some way. Of course she might still be very professional in her work, but on the other hand she might not.

  15. Nadia, on February 18, 2013 at 1:54 am said: “…. rape and pillaged? …. but let’s be a little more sensitive and humble in our writing …”.

    Aw now come on Nadia! There is a limit to “political correctness”.
    You come across as “thought police” :)-

    Ponder this beautiful quote by Salman Rushdie:

    The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision, or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible — Salman Rushdie

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