Saudi Arabia, A woman school bus driver


Saudis first female bus driver is called Saliha. Living in the remote area of Asir, Saliha’s family is poor, and her father had devised an idea to make money by starting a schoolbus to drive the  area’s school girls to school.  As Saliha is a good driver she begged her father to be allowed to be the driver of this bus.

“I live with my parents and four sisters and our conditions are very difficult,” Saliha said. “One day, my father thought about launching a bus service to drive female students in our area to their schools. He discussed the idea with the village men and they all agreed since they trusted my father and they were confident that he would be keen on protecting them. They also thought that driving the bus would be an opportunity for him to make some money,” 

“I looked at his poor health condition and advanced age and I requested him to allow me to replace him, especially that I was a good driver. My father in fact taught me how to drive since I was young. It took some time before he was convinced that I could drive the bus instead of him,” 

Her  father agreed, so Saliha disguised herself as a man and the bus service started off. Aftter some young men noticed one day she had henna on her hands the game was up!

“They assembled around me to try to understand why a ‘man’ would put some henna on and I told them that I was a woman and explained the whole situation. The next day, some elders from the village came to see my father and we were afraid they would reprimand him for what happened. However, we were relieved to learn that they were delighted with the fact that I could drive their daughters to school”, she said.

Saliha said that she reverted to her woman’s clothes and that she was earning SR4,000 a month for her job.

“The fact that there is no traffic police in the area and the absence of major administrative facilities have enabled me to drive freely,” she said.






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10 Responses

  1. Fabulous! I am so delighted when I see women able to work in more public places. Recently, I saw female checkers at Sacco, The Body Shop, and at a large grocery store in Al Khobar. I love it!

    As time, personalities, and language permit I’ve had some enjoyable conversations or quick chats with ladies as I’ve been shopping.

    Hooray! I’m so glad Saliha has had an opportunity to help her family and be a positive model in her village.

  2. Hooray for Saliha!!! Solves so many issues with just a little initiative!

  3. Very cool!!!

  4. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!

  5. Wonderful

  6. It’s not only cool that Saliha is driving the school bus, I love it that everybody in the area is happy with her driving the school bus!

  7. Now that it is widely known, I sure hope none of the religious cops find a reason to visit that area. 😦

  8. I don’t think they will. A lot of women drive cars, or water trucks in remote area’s. Life in the wild isn’t possible unless women can drive and help with the basic living necessities. All this nonsense with women not being allowed to drive is essentially a luxury excess. Only feasible in urban areas.

  9. At last, a good news story for a change!

  10. Hi we re looking for school bus job with my husband.because iam pregnant nw it 6month rem only 3 month.nd this month of ramadhan im finish work for them.tht i need to looking for job out if u can help us with job will thank u so still want work if im pregnant with my husband to we need job plz plz plz help us.

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