Saudi Arabia’s saher tracking system


Yesterday I mentioned the Sauid Saher tracking system. This system should help make the roads safer by tracking traffic violators. But it does much more.
Is Saher good or bad?

From the government’s site:

 What is Saher?

It is an automated traffic control and management system which covers major cities in Saudi Arabia, and uses digital cameras network linked with the National Information Center of Ministry of Interior.

Element of the project:  A) Systems of the project:

  1. Traffic Management System (TMS)
  2. Auto Vehicle Location (AVL)
  3. License Plate Recognition system (LPR)
  4. Variable Message Sings (VMS)
  5. Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
  6. Law Enforcement System (LES)
  • All these systems will be linked with the command and control centers located in eight cities Kingdom wide.


Read more:

Saher government


2 Responses

  1. I know this has nothing to do with the topic but Happy Women’s Day!

  2. […] Khalid Al-Seghayer discusses Saudis and punctuality in a recent piece published in the Saudi Gazette.  He brings up valid points on the lax of punctuality such as official events when a Saudi VIP guest will likely open up an event and inevitably the Saudi can be up to more than one hour late.  However, as this is part of the custom, people have learned to take this tardiness in stride. […]

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