Saudi Arabia: What’s Up with the American Bedu Documentary?

ab documentary

Anyone who has been involved in the film industry knows that it takes time to produce a quality film.  I’m pleased to advise readers that the American Bedu documentary film has been cut.  All filming and taping are completed.  Shortly it will be sent to the Central Intelligence Agency for approval.  Once that official approval has been obtained, the documentary will then be entered into film festivals.  Additionally, readers who contributed US$100 or more towards the making of the documentary will receive a copy of the documentary at that time.

The American Bedu documentary will take viewers through my life, starting at the time of my birth and ending in present day.  The documentary will enlighten viewers on how and why I decided to embark on a career with the Central Intelligence Agency and the internal struggle I had to decide to choose love over career.  Viewers will understand what drew me to give up a highly successful career for love to a man from Saudi Arabia.  The documentary highlights the fun and challenges of a bicultural marriage, adapting to Saudi Arabia and the great importance of bridge building between differing people, faiths and cultures.  There is much in the documentary film that American Bedu has never revealed in a post on her blog.

I believe the documentary will make viewers laugh out loud, cry and be mesmerized as they see and hear some of the highlights and low points of my life.  Any viewer after watching the documentary will know American Bedu and her passions as well as she knows them herself.


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