Saudi Arabia/Australia: Insights on Polygamy


Polygamy in Saudi Arabia takes place more among older men who are already established and in better financial circumstances to take on additional wives.  The rising youth in Saudi Arabia overall state they are not in favor of polygamy.  I guess ultimately time will tell on their part whether they remain true to their present feelings or change their minds.

Rarely is polygamy followed as advised in the Quran where a man is to be just and fair with all his wives.  In most cases the Saudi man seems to have a mid-life crisis when he reaches his 40’s or 50’s and at that time decides to secretly take another wife whether she be foreign or a Saudi national.  I say secretly for the first wife (and any other existing wives) are generally the last to know when a Saudi man takes another wife.

However, there will be clues that the wife can pick up on.  The husband will not be home as often.  The household income may change with unexplained cuts in the budget.  He will be more secretive when he is on his cell phone or may text more often.  Eventually the wife will realize that the life as she knew it with her Saudi husband has changed.

Polygamy is not limited to Saudi Arabia.  It exists in every country in the world, legally or illegally.  The Australian program, Insight, featured a special on Polygamy in Australia.  Although somewhat lengthy, the video is mesmerizing, especially when seeing and hearing the testimony of two sisters who share the same husband.


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  1. @American Bedu
    I understand that you are social and religious reformer. But it is a difficult task.
    Where in this universe the vice is not prevailing, develped countries or under developed countries or developing countries. So what to talk about KSA. What is special with KSA. Polygamy becomes legal in the developed countries because the Government issue the License But Ksa does not because of her legal and religious obligations.

  2. The Mormons are quite famous for their religious beliefs in polygamy. Who needs that many wives and that many children? What an ego trip for any man.

  3. I found the video to be very interesting and especially the interview between the husband and his two wives who are literally sister wives. They were very candid about their relationship.

    On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 8:15 PM, American Bedu

  4. People cant find even one wife or can’t afford in world, how saudi can have more?

  5. @Azad Ali Shah
    If a person can afford, what is your problem?

  6. I have no problem with polygamy. As long as people are honest and keep to the promises they make to each other.
    And of course if the man has more wives than the woman can have more husbands.
    That is only fair.
    I don’t care who marries whom as long as everybody agrees and they are honest and keep to their promises and don’t hurt each other.

  7. @Aafke,

  8. I know a fe couples here in polygamy,I have no issues with polygamy at all between consenting adults. The ones we knw are married legally to only 1wife , so in my mind he’s just cohabiting with the other.
    I don’t like that situation because he is breaking the law of the land – maybe not technically. But mostly because no.2 is v naive and he is sick and if something were to happen she is toast since she has no legal backing.

  9. I agree, Radha. You’d think the woman would realize the huge risk she is taking by basically co-habitating…especially if she is a stay at home with no income of her own. He

  10. Radha, the illegal #2 could always marry a seccond man as a back-up.
    I mean, if a man wants a polygamous marriage then he can’t complain if his wives want polyandrous marriages in their turn.

  11. I have been thinking Radha, as this guy has taken on an illegal second wife, I suppose he has made a lot of provisions for her in the case that he does snuff it. Like putting money in trust for her, making sure she has a home in her own name, etc.
    It would be the only honorable thing to do.

  12. Aafke,
    i just read about polygamous marriages in germany, the men marry one women legally and one illegally because the iman doesnt check if he is already married, there is no registion of marriages. The next step is the illegal married women mostly with children of that man goes to the social welfare, in germany you get hartz 4 . the woman will get money for the kids, the flat is payed, because she is a single mother she gets extra money, everything is payed. Because of that men can afford more than one women,,,the woman has a home, food and everything she needs for living.

  13. This is a nice construction even an unemployed can handle 2 wifes.

  14. @Aafke , in this construction he dont even have to think about the future of his ” wife and children” everthing is fine….

  15. How sad that there aren’t some kind of controls or better checks and balances for I can see even women wanting to take advantage of such a system as well as men. I know there are similar instances in the US too where either a “common law” wife or single mother will live off of the system too. Sadly, those who take advantage of the system make it harder for those who legitimately need such services.

    On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 3:05 PM, American Bedu

  16. @AB,
    It can be very difficult for a common law wife with no children to live off the system in many states in the US. Regulations vary from state-to-state. There are usually provisions made for mothers and their children, so in these cases the common law wife and her children would have some support.

    Common law marriage requirements in the US vary from state to state.

  17. No the no.2 I know oes not live on welfare. He provides for Eric although in a v crappy apt with virtually nothing. He lives for the most part with 1 in my neighborhood. If something were to happen to him no1 will not give her a cent. Everything is in joint with no 1. But I guess there are plenty of willing men once he goes. Who knows
    However I do know of couple of no.2,s who with children do live off welfare. Food stamps etc., I mean they r adults. And they r not legally married so they r single moms. So if they are ok with it I guess it’s fine.

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