Saudi Arabia: The Stigma of Rape

survivor of rape



When we think about rape, regardless of country, usually the first thought is for the woman and what she has been through.  She has been violated in the most intimate way against her will.  Yet, strong women do move on and survive.

But what about the child who is a result of a rape?  How is that innocent child viewed?  Sadly, in Saudi Arabia, it seems there is more stigma placed on the child of a rape victim than perhaps the insidious deed of rape itself.

As this Saudi gazette editorial illustrates, the mother who gave birth to the child moved on with her life abandoning her child.  The father (or should I say rapist) faced no consequences and continues to live a free and normal life.

Yet the innocent victim in this case who is now a young woman, is the one who has been abandoned and shunned because of the circumstances which surround her birth.  I think the term the author uses to describe her as the “walking dead” is quite apt.  She is shunned by her husband and alienated in the country of her birth which also happens to be viewed by many as the heart of Islam which is ever tolerant and kind.

This unnamed and faceless woman is a real hero.  She may not be aware of it or agree.  However, given the obstacles she has already overcome, starting with her entry into this world, tells me she is a fighter and a survivor.

Rather than continue to pay for the mistakes of others, I pray that this woman will be recognized and shown the love and kindness she deserves as a woman who was brought into the Kingdom under the harshest of circumstances.


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  1. is there a way we can help these women and children here in the kingdom? as foreigners? there are probably many of us who would volunteer time, raise money, etc. I have been looking but have not found a way to get involved or even an organisation!

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