USA/KSA/WORLD: YOU Can Make an Immediate Difference

carol getting chemo

getting chemo, February 2013



This post is purely personal and from the heart.  I’m a strong advocate of the American Cancer Society and its annual Relay for Life program.

Relay for Life is an annual fundraiser which allows individuals like me, for example, to receive various useful services during my War Against Cancer.

This month, Relay for Life, is having a contest to see who can raise the most funds through online donations.  I’m not only one of Relay for Life biggest advocates, but competitive too.  Therefore, I am reaching out to YOU and asking if you can make a contribution.

my desert boy

Abdullah before cancer entered his life


There are multiple options.  You can make a direct online donation in any amount or you can also purchase a luminary for US$10 which also counts as an online donation.


Luminary in memory of Abdullah 2010 from a friend (please disregard that she misspelled his name.  The love and thought was there)


Let me explain about the luminary.  A luminary is a white bag with the logo of the American Cancer Society and a square which contains a personal message.  First one will select whether the luminary is either “in memory of” (one who has passed on from a battle with cancer) or “in honor of” (one who continues a War Against Cancer.  Next you type in the name of the individual as you want it to appear on the luminary (such as American Bedu, Carol Fleming, Abdullah Al-Ajroush or some other name).  Last but not least you then can add an optional personalized message in the square.


Luminary in honor of me from a friend, 2010



Luminary’s are arranged on either side of the Relay for Life track which all local participants walk around.  The luminary is filled partway with sand and a candle is placed within the bag and lit.  It is very moving and emotional to walk around the Relay track after dusk has fallen while guided by the large circle of luminary, each representing someone loved whose life was impacted by cancer.

circle of luminaries

circle of luminaries


I know many of you have already provided a donation.  I’m asking from the heart that if it is possible to place another donation during this time or to purchase a luminary.  I can’t stress enough how worthy is the cause and the many benefits and services cancer patients may receive thanks to events like the annual Relay for Life.

You can also read more about why Relay for Life is so important to me here.


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